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Where Are Weber Grills Made: Are They Made in the USA?

Most Weber smokers and grills are made in the USA from its Palatine facility. However, most of the parts are not sourced in the USA. While we can say Weber barbecues are proudly made in the USA, most are not 100% US-made. But the are the ONLY ones exclusively American-made. I’ve been a Weber grill […]

The Tastiest Smoked Beef Tenderloin Recipe: Bon Appétit!

When it comes to smoked beef tenderloin, less is more. You only need a simple dry rub mixture of kosher salt, black pepper, dried parsley, and garlic powder. Beef tenderloin is incredibly tender and lean so it will only need about an hour and a half in the smoker or grill. I prepare a mean […]

Smoked Beef Back Ribs: Turn a Simple Cut of Meat Into a Masterpiece

For beautifully caramelized succulent smoked beef back ribs, start by massaging your ribs with a dry rub before smoking them at 275 degrees for 3 hours. Next, wrap them and put them back in the smoker for another 2 hours until they attain a temp of 202 degrees. Unwrap and glaze them in BBQ sauce […]

Gas Grill Not Getting Hot Enough (Fixing a Grill That Won’t Heat Up to 300° F)

It’s very annoying when your gas grill which is supposed to fire up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit suddenly stops at 200 to 300 degrees. I’ve had this problem with my Weber and Char Broil grills, and it’s a total buzzkill. Usually, the culprit behind this is either the regulator, burner, gas leak, or some gas […]

Cold Smoking vs. Hot Smoking: The Burning Question

Cold smoking involves smoking food at low temperatures of around 90F to preserve food, while hot smoking involves smoking foods at higher temperatures of over 190F in order to cook them.  I learned about both of these smoking techniques in cooking school and noticed some differences over the years of using them. Read on as […]

Does Propane Go Bad, or Should I Only Worry About the Tank?

Propane has no shelf life or a “use by” date. That’s because propane doesn’t go bad, unlike other fuels like kerosene, diesel, or gasoline. I get it, though. Because other fuel sources have their shelf lives, there’s a common misconception that propane can “go bad” over time. And that can make you wonder if it’s […]

17 Sides for Brisket (From Coleslaw to Creamed Corn)

If you ask me what pairs up well with brisket, I’d say go for some creamy coleslaw, corn salad, baked beans, or grilled corn on the cob. There’s nothing bad in having more than one of these as your brisket side dish. You may even throw in some potato salad or roasted sweet potatoes. Now, […]

Can You Smoke Frozen Meat? How Safe is It?

Based on my experience freezing and smoking meats, the answer to the question “Can you smoke frozen meat” is, always thaw before smoking. If the meat is still rock-solid frozen, that’s a no-go!  The thing is, if you smoke meat that’s still deep in the frost zone, you’re asking for trouble. I’m talking about the […]

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