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Where Are Weber Grills Made: Are They Made in the USA?

Most Weber smokers and grills are made in the USA from its Palatine facility. However, most of the parts are not sourced in the USA. While we can say Weber barbecues are proudly made in the USA, most are not 100% US-made. But the are the ONLY ones exclusively American-made. I’ve been a Weber grill […]

Gas Grill Not Getting Hot Enough (Fixing a Grill That Won’t Heat Up to 300° F)

It’s very annoying when your gas grill which is supposed to fire up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit suddenly stops at 200 to 300 degrees. I’ve had this problem with my Weber and Char Broil grills, and it’s a total buzzkill. Usually, the culprit behind this is either the regulator, burner, gas leak, or some gas […]

Does Propane Go Bad, or Should I Only Worry About the Tank?

Propane has no shelf life or a “use by” date. That’s because propane doesn’t go bad, unlike other fuels like kerosene, diesel, or gasoline. I get it, though. Because other fuel sources have their shelf lives, there’s a common misconception that propane can “go bad” over time. And that can make you wonder if it’s […]

The 7 Best Infrared Grill Models to Give You Searing Heat!

The top pick for infrared grills is the because it boasts great temperature control, and even heat distribution, has plenty of storage, and is easy to assemble. My friend loves to grill steaks and was looking for an infrared grill to make this easier. Since they know that I have some experience with grills, they […]

Char-Broil vs. Weber: Battling It Out for the Top Spot

There are quite a few differences between Char-Broil and Weber. On average, Weber has a greater selection, more types of grills, larger grills, better quality, and warranty. At the same time, Weber is the more expensive option as well. A friend of mine who is new to grilling was looking for a mid-range grill brand […]

Traeger vs. Green Mountain Grills: The Old Timer vs. New Kid on the Block

Of the two brands, Traeger is the better option. This is because it has a wider selection, better grilling performance overall, and improved quality too. GM grills do have their own perks with lower prices and great Wi-Fi connectivity. As a long time Traeger user, I have been hearing how well Green Mountain Grills have […]

How to Clean a Gas Grill? A Step-by-Step Guide

At first, cleaning a gas grill can seem like a daunting task; however, cleaning your grill isn’t difficult so long as you know what to do. You can easily clean a gas grill by turning off the grill, disassembling the grill grates and metal plates, soaking them, and scrubbing them. Once you’re done cleaning the […]

How to Put Out Fire Pit? No Flames Left Behind!

The best way to put out a fire is to let the fire die gradually until it runs out of fuel. If you have a gas fire pit then you simply turn off the gas and the flames will die down. You can also use water and sand to put out fire pits. During cooler […]

Soak Wood Chips for an Electric Smoker: Is Soaked Wood Better?

I do not soak wood chips for an electric smoker (or any other type of smoker). I don’t soak wood chunks, either. Soaking chips or chunks wastes your time by adding moisture to your cook, making it longer to complete. Wet wood chips also take longer to start producing smoke. Soak your chips, and you’ll […]

Best Wood to Smoke Cheese: Top 5 Options!

From my experience, apple is the best wood for smoked cheese since its taste complements that of most cheese varieties well. Most people think of smoking meat when discussing smoked foods, but cheese is another food item you can smoke. Wood smoking can impart a unique smoke flavor to your favorite slabs of cheese. I […]

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