The Tastiest Smoked Beef Tenderloin Recipe: Bon Appétit!

When it comes to smoked beef tenderloin, less is more. You only need a simple dry rub mixture of kosher salt, black pepper, dried parsley, and garlic powder. Beef tenderloin is incredibly tender and lean so it will only need about an hour and a half in the smoker or grill. I prepare a mean […]

Smoked Beef Back Ribs: Turn a Simple Cut of Meat Into a Masterpiece

For beautifully caramelized succulent smoked beef back ribs, start by massaging your ribs with a dry rub before smoking them at 275 degrees for 3 hours. Next, wrap them and put them back in the smoker for another 2 hours until they attain a temp of 202 degrees. Unwrap and glaze them in BBQ sauce […]

17 Sides for Brisket (From Coleslaw to Creamed Corn)

If you ask me what pairs up well with brisket, I’d say go for some creamy coleslaw, corn salad, baked beans, or grilled corn on the cob. There’s nothing bad in having more than one of these as your brisket side dish. You may even throw in some potato salad or roasted sweet potatoes. Now, […]

Grilled Philly Cheesesteak: Get a Taste of Philly in Every Bite

The traditional Philly cheesesteak is a simple, satisfying combo of grilled thinly sliced beef steak, caramelized onions, bell peppers, and cheese piled onto a soft and crusty pastry roll. It is much more than just a classic sandwich. It is one of Philadelphia’s culinary touchstones. As a steakhouse prep cook, you learn to prepare different […]

Texas Crutch Brisket: A Foolproof Method For Barbecue Perfection

A Texas crutch brisket refers to brisket cooked low and slow while wrapped in aluminum foil or butcher paper. The Texas crutch technique mainly serves to speed up the smoking process by avoiding the dreaded brisket stall and keeping your brisket moist and tender. As an experienced pitmaster, I fancy the Texas crutch because it […]

How to Cut Flank Steak? A Step-by-Step Guide!

Knowing how to cut flank steak is crucial if you want steak with amazing tenderness and flavor. The important thing to note when cutting the flank is to cut the steak against the grain. The main reason for this is that flank steak, while lean and delicious, is tougher than most beef cuts because of […]

Easy Smoked Pastrami Recipes With Brisket or Corned Beef

A smoked deli-style pastrami is a slab of brisket submerged in a brine for days, rubbed down in a spice rub, smoked, steamed, and sliced wafer-thin.  That may sound a bit complex. But trust me, it’s not. I’ve turned my backyard smoker in and out for this masterpiece more times than I can count. Sure, […]

Smoke New York Strip: Smoke The Ultimate Steak! (With Recipe)

The best way to smoke a thick New York Strip Steak is by reverse searing it. Smoke it at 225°F until the internal temp is 115°F (around 30 minutes), then crank the grill to ripping hot temperatures of 500°F or more to sear it. You’ll need a nice thick strip steak for this. 1 1/2″ […]

How to Reverse Sear T-Bone? A Quick and Easy Recipe!

Reverse searing a t-bone steak involves slow-cooking the steak in an oven or a grill and then completing the cooking process by searing it in a skillet or grill. The results of this cooking technique are simply incredible. The slow cooking makes the meat tender, while the sear gives it a tasty crunch. I learned […]

How to Cook Wagyu Steak? Recipes and Rules for the Expensive Steak

Sourced from high-quality Japanese cattle, Wagyu steak is composed of a lot of intramuscular fat. But, because of the high amount of juicy fat (largely monounsaturated good fat), you don’t start cooking Wagyu beef directly over flames without serious flare-ups. To get the best result, start by searing it in a pan to lock in […]

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