24 Pork Tacos Recipes For Every Taco Craving!

From traditional to create, these recipes offer you the most incredible pork tacos you can imagine! It doesn’t matter what your taste buds are like, you are sure to find more than a few recipes that you will love. Take a look!  1. Pork Carnitas If you haven’t had pork carnitas before, then you are […]

Best Temp to Smoke Turkey: and a Terrific Recipe

The best temp to smoke a turkey is 325°F. This will give you tender, juicy meat without compromising the flavor. At this temperature, your turkey will be cooking at roughly 20 minutes per pound. As a seasoned pit master for eleven years and counting, I have smoked more than my fair of large cuts of […]

Smoked Turkey Legs: Dynamite Recipe and How-to Guide

Hey there, pilgrim! The key to incredible turkey legs is placing them in a wet brine for 6 hours or overnight, then smoking them for around 2 1/2 to 3 hours until the internal temperature hits 175 degrees F (or higher). I’ll never forget visiting Disneyland as a kid and eating the Disney smoked turkey […]

How to Dry Brine Turkey for Smoking?

Smoking whole turkey with my family has always been a Thanksgiving week and holiday season ritual. But the juicy, delicious, and smoky turkey never comes easy! I always start by getting my hands on a big tom turkey, sprinkle it with kosher salt, and then let it chill out in the fridge for up to […]

Smoking a Turkey on a Pellet Grill: The Ultimate Guide to a Juicy Bird

Smoking the perfect whole turkey on a pellet grill is easy if you follow my instructions: cook it at the right temperature (325°F), pick the right pellets (apple, pecan, and hickory are my favorites), and remove it when the breast reads 160°F internal temperature. Smoked turkey is one of my favorite things to cook on […]

Smoked Turkey Rub Recipe: With 10 Ingredients That Are in Your Kitchen

My fiery smoked turkey rub is an aromatic blend of 10 ingredients including brown sugar, smoked paprika, kosher salt, chili powder, thyme, rosemary, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne, and black pepper. As a restaurant prep cook, smoked turkey was a favorite menu item because it was juicy and packed full of flavor. However, the props […]

Turkey Jerky Recipe: How to Make Delicious Jerky in 7 Steps?

Turkey jerky is another way to enjoy tender and flavorful turkey cuts. This piece of turkey provides an excellent, high-protein snack for your family and guests. Moreover, turkey jerky is a delicious alternative to pork or beef jerky. I first learned how to make turkey jerky in cooking school. Over the years, I’ve refined the […]

Best Turkey Injection Recipe: The Masterclass

Simplicity and flexibility are the bases of the best seasoning recipes. My savory turkey injection checks both boxes and more. It is an aromatic mix of Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, chicken broth, and some basic seasonings like onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne, black pepper, and of course salt. Through the years, I have tried dozens […]

How to Tell if Turkey is Pre Brined? Let’s Talk Turkey

Right off the bat, turkey producers are required to indicate whether their product is pre-brined or not on the packaging. This involves indicating the ingredients used to brine the turkey. It could appear as ‘contains salt’ or ‘added sodium up to X%’. Other words to look out for include ‘enhanced’, ‘treated’, and ‘pre-brined’. At our […]

Can You Cook A Partially Frozen Turkey? Turkey Talk

The short answer to the question, ‘Can you cook a partially frozen turkey?’, is yes. Partially frozen turkey will take roughly 25% longer than a fully defrosted turkey while frozen turkey will take roughly 50% longer to cook. By adjusting for the extra cooking time required, it can safely be cooked in the oven or […]

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