Dyna Glo vs Nexgrill | Why Choose One Over the Other?

November 25, 2022
Written by Kristy J. Norton

You’ve done your research and narrowed down the almost endless list of grill manufacturers to just two: Dyna-Glo and Nexgrill. So, which would be the best grill manufacturer for you, and what’s the key difference between them? Well, I’ll say both brands specialize in almost all types of grills: pellet, wood chips and charcoal, and gas (propane and natural gas) grills. However, Nexgrill models are a bit of higher quality. They’re made of sturdier materials and usually cost a bit more.  

There are a lot more peculiarities between the Nexgrill and Dyna-Glo range of grills. In this Dyna-Glo vs Nexgrill article, I’ll compare Dyna-Glo with NexGrill grills in the same category in detail so you can decide which grill fits your needs best.

Dyna glo vs nexgrill

Nexgrill vs Dyna-Glo Grills: Which is the Best?

Looking at the overall quality, Nexgrill models seem to beat Dyna-Glo by a little margin. This is all won by Nexgrill’s thicker body construction and porcelain-coated cast iron burners

Dyna-Glo seems to be more popular with grill masters and beginners for many reasons. Dyna-Glo models are more affordable, have a larger grilling area, and heat fairly faster than Nexgrills. And lest I forget, you can find Dyna Glo products almost anywhere grills are sold. 

Nexgrill vs Dyna-Glo: What’s The Difference?

I found that Dyna-Glo grills are made for those with lower budgets. You can get an offset charcoal smoker like the Dyna-Glo DGX780BDC-D Vertical Smoker for less than $150. Even a Nexgrill portable tabletop grill starts from around $200. Then a proper freestanding Nexgrill starts from around $500. The high-end Dyna-Glo models with that price are usually four-burner grills. Nonetheless, you can still find four-burner grills from Dyna-Glo like the Dyna-Glo DGB495SDP-D for under $350. 

It tells you something; Nexgrill is focused on durability with the use of high-quality materials. Dyna-Glo tries to make its products accessible to all budgets. 

Meanwhile, Nexgrill products are often marketed at Home Depot while most Dyna-Glo products can be found everywhere they sell grills online, including Amazon. 

Dyna-Glo vs Nexgrill: Side-by-side Comparison 

As you must have seen, both Nexgrill and Dyna-Glo have some amazing grills around. You can almost be sure to get a high-performance grill no matter which brand you select. 

However, if you want a clearer picture, I’ll show you the typical differences between both brands’ two-burner grills.




Cooking Space

Dyna-Glo has larger grills up to 1,382 square inches

Largest grill has only 732 square inches


Lighter than Nexgrills

Nexgrills weigh more as they're heavy-duty grills

Burning Power

Dyna-Glo grills burn more efficiently

A little behind similar Dyna-Glo grills

Burner Material

Use high quality stainless steel emitters in the gas grills

Use high quality stainless steel emitters in the gas grills

Grid Material

Not all Dyna-Glo grills are porcelain coated

Porcelain coated cast iron cooking grids

Cost and Accessibility

Has cheaper and more options

Also has affordable grills but not easily found online


5 years on the grill burners; 1 year on the remaining parts

8 years on the grill burners; 1 year on the remaining parts

1. Total Grilling Space

The entire grilling area you get on any barbecue is almost always the most vital factor. It decides how much BBQs you make at once and therefore how many you can feed.

In general, Dyna-Glo grill products tend to be comparatively larger in terms of cooking space. For example, the Smart Spaceoffers a grilling area of more than 460 square inches under the primary burners. The cooking spaces include 350 sq. in. of grilling space for direct grilling from the primary burners with 117 sq. in. of secondary cooking surface provided by the warming rack.

On the other hand, most Nexgrills don’t offer as much as this. The Nexgrill 720-0864RA provides a smaller grilling space than this. The total cooking space is 401 square inches produced by the primary burners. What looks like a side burner on each side isn’t actually a burner but side tables or shelves.

Going out of the two burners and gas grill category, you can find some Dyna-Glo grill models like the Signature Series offset grills that have a total cooking space of 1,382 square inches.

2. Grilling Power 

Grill versions of the same types of burners such as the Nexgrill Evolution and the Dyna-Glo Smart Space grill products have almost the same heat output.

Nexgrill’s Evolution Grill delivers grilling power of 28000 BTUs in an hour. This is slightly lesser than the 30000 BTUs from the Dyna-Glo Smart Space. However, since the latter has a comparatively larger cooking surface, the heating output for the square inches is practically the same.

But many Dyna-Glo burners are more powerful. They heat up quicker and a bit more evenly, giving them a little edge.

3. Weight

Weight is also an important factor I consider when purchasing grills, especially if you like Raving and tailgating parties. At some stage, you may need to move it from one space to the other. So a lighter version will be easier to move and maneuver. 

I’ll say it again, Nexgrill products are more heavy-duty as they use thicker materials, and although their grills like the Evolution are getting more streamlined, they are normally heavier than comparable Dyna-Glo products.

Based on my comparison, the Evolution is heavier, weighing over 100 lbs, which is over 20lbs heavier than Dyna-Glo’s Smart Space. However, what’s fantastic is that both, as with many grills from these brands, include a few casters that ensure you can move them.

4. Burner Material

The materials used for making the grill’s burners determine how effectively they distribute the heat combusted from propane or natural gas to your barbecue.

For example, in the Dyna-Glo Smart Space and Evolution grills, the two manufacturers seem to agree on the same concept as they use a stainless steel gas emitter. Stainless steel burners are quite efficient and more durable. These burners are also easier to clean and need less maintenance.

Dyna-Glo Smart Space Living 2 Burner LP Gas Grill

5. Cooking Grate Material

The cooking grate holds your food and move heat from the embers or flame to your cooked food. Cooking grates are key elements to consider while trying to decide between the two brands.

Both make use of cast iron cooking grids. These are exactly what the vast majority of grills seem to use. This is thanks to its superb heat retention as well as heat distribution attributes.

On the other hand, the differences between them come from the materials used for the coating as the grilles are also all coated. First, Nexgrill coats its grills with porcelain as you can find in the Deluxe Propane Grill. Meanwhile, Dyna-Glo mostly have ordinary cast iron grates with no porcelain enamels as I found on the Dyna-Glo DGP321CNP-D

Regardless of the coating differences, the materials are often the same. That’s why they have almost the same flaws, which include being vulnerable to cracking. However, the porcelain enamel coating on Nexgrills will make them less sticky and easier to clean. 

6. Costs

Both the Nexgrill and Dyna-Glo brands are standard budget grill makers with the majority of their products. Their 2 burner grills will cost a fraction of what other grills from top-tier brands like Weber or Traeger set as price for their grills. 

However, Dyna-Glo still provides comparatively cheaper grills than Nexgrill as I’ve explained. Dyna-Glo four burner grills are sold for around $300 to $550 while Nexgrill 4 burner models start at around $350. 

7. Warranty

Since these are good quality and extremely reputable grill brands, all their grills include a warranty. 

Nexgrill offers 8 years warranty for its grills’ burners. This is longer than many other manufacturers provide. On the other hand, Dyna-Glo covers its burners with 5 years warranty.

However, you only get a one-year warranty with both brands for the remaining part of the product. That doesn’t seem long enough. For more expensive models like the Nexgrill, I feel the warranty could be longer. 

A Quick Guide on the Nexgrill Brand 

Owned by Nexgrill Industries Inc., the brand is headquartered in California but the products are made in China like most popular grills on the market. 

I know we all dread China-made kitchen items, but Nexgrill is different. Their grills last for 5 to 15 years. Nexgrill started about 30 years ago (1993) so they’ve got that experience. 

A Quick Guide on the Dyna-Glo Grill Brand 

Dyna-Glo on the other hand has a history that spans over 100 years. Dyna-Glo offers six natural gas grills, 12 propane gas grills, and 24 smokers. 

Every model aims towards individual customer requirements and provides fun cooking sessions. Some grills have small areas, but most are suitable for bigger parties. 

Review of the Best Nexgrill Grills

The Nexgrill line of grills doesn’t match up with Dyna-Glo when it comes to product online availability. Unlike Dyna-Glo products, even the best Nexgrill mods are not usually available on Amazon, but on Home Depot or the manufacturer’s website. So, I’ll review some of the best Nexgrill products and tell you where to find them. 

Nexgrill 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill

The Nexgrill 4-burner grill has the most spacious cooking area and highest burning power of ​​any Nexgrill or Dyna-Glo gas grill I have reviewed. 

Grilling for large gatherings requires a lot of cooking space. If you plan to barbecue regularly, consider the Nexgrill 4-Burner.

At 644 square inches (including the side burner), this grill has the largest cooking area of ​​any gas grill we reviewed. That’s enough for at least 12 large burgers at once. It also produces the most BTUs of cooking power. The main burners draw up to 60,000 BTUs and 12,000 BTUs for the side burner.

The heat distribution in the cooking zone is decent and the heat remains constant. But many have had some issues with food sticking to the grates when they tried to flip the burger patties and the chicken. 

It’s not a big deal though but it was noticeable, especially when compared to other grills I tested. To avoid this, try greasing the grill surface with a little olive or vegetable oil before adding the meat. If not available on Amazon, you can find this product on Home Depot or Nexgrill.

Nexgrill 720-0864M 2-Burner Gas Grill

While grills under $500 that offer technologies similar to infrared cooking are often disreputable, the Nexgrill 720-0864M is an exception to the rule. Indeed, it is of impressive quality and its performance is recommendable. I was impressed with this BBQ, first, because the price is very low for a device with infrared technology, which is doing very well.

Moreover, its stainless steel construction is quite sturdy and durable. Its two burners, which are covered by a warranty of no less than 8 years, produce a total of 28,000 BTUs. In addition, infrared technology makes it possible to sear steaks to perfection, thanks to heating at a very high temperature.

However, I recommend that you pay attention to the burners, which are very close to the cooking grate. This proximity means that flashbacks are more frequent and it is therefore important to avoid them during handling.

The cooking surface offered by the Nexgrill 720-0864M’s enameled cast iron grates is adequate. You also have a lot of space to grill your food on the main area of ​​278.85 square inches and a warming area of ​​106.31 square inches.

Nexgrill 720-0898 Deluxe 6-Burner Gas Grill

Do you need an economical gas barbecue that will allow you to prepare a meal for a very large number of guests? It’s hard to find high-capacity models that aren’t too expensive. However, there is a nice exception to the rule: it is the NexGrill 720-0898. The cooking surface offered here is exceptional considering the average price: you have no less than 786.5 square inches including a warming plate. A side stove is also available.

You will have no difficulty cooking meat and side dishes at the same time, or keeping certain dishes warm while waiting to be tasted. This barbecue is suitable for large parties, but also, for example, to organize meetings between colleagues and encourage discussion around a few grilled meats and skewers.

Thanks to the 6 burners, you will be able to practice both direct and indirect cooking, to adapt to your pieces of meat, fish, poultry, and game. Ignition is really simple, just press it, and the 72,000 total BTU/h ensures fast and long-lasting heat, even in case you occasionally open the lid to do some checking.

A shelf is also provided and is very practical to facilitate the organization of a large reception. To enhance the flavors, you benefit from the Even-Heat technology: protection bars, placed above the burners, receive the cooking juices. They promote evaporation. This process offers a traditional, slightly smoky taste.

The fault of the NexGrill 720-0898 is that it is a little less sturdy than its competitors. Without being very fragile, it is designed mainly in stainless steel, is light, and will have a lot of trouble in the wind. It is therefore advisable to cover it and put it away when you are not using it. The four wheels will help you with this. 

Review of the Best Dyna-Glo Grills 

I mentioned earlier that Dyna-Glo was my go-to brand of the two. That stance hasn’t changed either. I’m fascinated by Dyna-Glo’s larger cooking space. They have better heating power and offer more affordable grills. Therefore, I’ve decided to do a brief review of some of its top products. 

Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D

The Dyna-Glo Offset Charcoal Smoker is a great buy for those who want to get great value at a reasonable price. The unit is affordable, considering the benefits it brings to your backyard. You’ll have a total cooking area of 1176 square inches, which is incredible considering this is an under $200 product. However, this is not made for direct grilling. It’s just for smoking. 

This unit has an offset design that provides ample cooking space. It also comes with a fire pit that doesn’t take up too much space. The vertical design allows for more space and gives you six different cooking options.

It is easy to read the thermometer and easier to see its face. The thermometer comes with an adjustable damper that allows you to get just the right amount of airflow. 

Dyna-Glo Heavy-Duty Stainless Charcoal Grill

The Dyna-Glo DGN486SNCD is a heavy-duty stainless steel charcoal grill for those who want a direct grilling zone which the first product cannot provide. This is not a gas grill, so there’s no side burner but a pair of side platforms for organizing your foods.

One of the most common complaints about charcoal grills is difficulty lighting them. This model makes it easy. The electronic pulse ignition system makes lighting charcoal grills easy and simple for everyone, even beginners.

The safe ignition system will ensure that the device heats up quickly, so you don’t have to spend time lighting it up. Porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates are durable and non-stick.

Even if it’s not maintained regularly, these grills will last for years. This device is lightweight and easy to carry.

Dyna-Glo DGSS287CB-D Portable Tabletop Charcoal Grill

The design of this compact tabletop grill is a key feature. There is no side burner but you have a side firebox which also allows direct grilling. The total cooking area is 287 square inches and can easily feed two families. Another point I like about the compact Dyna-Glo beast is that it is built with heavy-gauge steel to ensure strength and durability.

This model includes adjustable porcelain-enameled steel grates to ensure grillers have complete control over the heat. I like that the grill comes with cool-touch spring handles on each side for easy carrying. 

DynaGlo Signature Series DGSS1382VCSD

I decided to keep the best Dyna-Glo grill for the last. With 1382 square inches of cooking surface, this unit is one of the largest grills on the market. You will get five chrome-enameled cooking grates, so you can feed a big crowd. Its heavy-gauge steel construction is another impressive feature.

Dyna-Glo Signature Series 1382VCS-D includes a temperature gauge that will ensure your cooking is at the correct temperature. Finally, cool-touch handles allow the grills easy and safe access to your barbecue and fuel.


You can’t go wrong with your barbecue selection when you stick to reputable brands such as Dyna-Glo and Nexgrill. They’ve been in the industry for a long time (30 to 100 years) and understand exactly what most grillers want. 

Grillers that need a more affordable, powerful, and faster heating grill will find what they want in a Dyna-Glo. However, if you want a durable grill built as sturdy as a tank, you better stick with Nexgrill.

By Kristy J. Norton
I'm Kristy – a chef and connoisseur of all things BBQ! You can find me either in my kitchen (or someone else's) or at a big outdoor barbecue surrounded by friends and family. In both my professional and personal life I’ve picked up more than a few tips and tricks for turning out delicious food. I consider it a privilege to share it with others!
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