How to Clean a George Foreman Grill? 3 Methods That Work!

August 24, 2023
Written by Kristy J. Norton

To clean a George Foreman Grill, first, let the grease harden, then wet it with soapy water and heat for a minute. Finally, wipe away the gunk with a wet sponge or damp paper towel. Yeah, it’s that easy! 

I have used GF grills with removable and non-removable plates on several occasions for my indoor grilling recipes. And the simple procedure explained above is how I usually clean it. Cleaning is so easy it typically takes me less than five minutes. However, you’d still need to see the full procedure so you can ensure you’re doing it right. 

So, get some damp towels and cleaning solutions, and I’ll show you how to do it step-by-step. If that’s not enough, I’d be showing you two other easy cleaning methods. Let’s go!

how to clean a george foreman grill

What You Need to Clean a Classic George Foreman Grill? 

To clean a George Foreman grill with basic grill plates, also called classic plates, you will need the following items:

  • A spray bottle filled with water or a wet dishcloth
  • Dish soap (optional)
  • A soft sponge or damp paper towel
  • Safety gloves (optional)
  • Mild dishwashing detergent
  • Warm water

How to Clean George Foreman Grill With Classic Grill Plates?

Many people complain about how awkward a George Foreman grill with non-removable plates is to clean. But worry not. I’m here to show you how quick and easy it is to clean this grill. 

Step 1: Let the Grease Harden Up

Instead of cleaning the greasy mess on the grill right away after cooking, let it sit and harden up a bit. This will end up making the dual-surface griddle easier to clean off later.

Step 2: Wet and Heat Your Grill

To clean your George Foreman grill, you will need a spray bottle filled with water. You can also mix the water with some dish soap. Alternatively, you may also just wet a dishcloth and use that. 

Next, plug your grill in and close the lid for about one minute. This will create steam and loosen up all the gunk and grease from the grill.

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Step 3: Wipe Away the Gunk

After about one minute, unplug the grill. Then open it and start wiping away the mess with several damp paper towels. Some of the paper towels I like to use is the Amazon Brand towels. If you’d like to use a sponge, the George Foreman cleaning sponges are specially made for this.

The steam should have loosened everything up, making it easy to clean with paper towels.

Step 4: Repeat Steps 2 to 3 if Necessary

Even if after cleaning with the paper towels, there is some gunk still left on your grill, you can repeat Steps 2 and 3 until it is completely clean.

Tips: Note that this method also works for grills with non-removable plates. If you want to try other methods, keep reading…

How to Clean a George Foreman Grill with Removable Plates and Drip Tray? 

Things get easier if you have a dishwasher and the grill plates of the George Foreman are removable. Here’s how to go about it:

Step 1: Ensure the Grill Has Removable Grill Plates

First things first, make sure the grill plates and drip tray are removable. A lot of George Foreman grills have removable plates. But if yours isn’t, this method won’t work for you.  

Step 2: Let the Grill Plates Cool Off

Wait until they’re cool to the touch. Some George Foreman grill plates are made of ceramic and placing them in the dishwasher while being hot can cause them to warp or crack.

Step 3: Remove the Plates

You can usually remove the plates and drip tray by releasing a latch or button on the side of the grill.

I suggest consulting the instruction manual or manufacturer’s website for specific instructions for your model if you can’t find a latch or button for doing this.

Step 4: Wipe Grease and Residues Off 

Once they’re cool, take a damp cloth and wipe them down to remove any excess grease residue. 

Step 5: Place in Dishwasher 

Then, place the drip tray and plates in the dishwasher. If your dishwasher has an upper rack, that’s the best place for the plates. But if not, they can go on the bottom rack as well.

Step 6: Add Detergent 

Now is the time to add some detergent. Make sure you use a good quality dishwasher detergent. Then follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the amount to use.

Don’t overload your dishwasher. This can prevent your plates from getting clean.

Step 7: Start the Dishwasher 

Finally, turn on your dishwasher and let it do its magic. Once the cycle is complete, remove the plates and inspect them to ensure they’re clean.

If there are any stubborn stains or spots, you can use a soft brush or sponge to scrub them away gently under the sink.

And there you have it, a clean George Foreman grill!

Person Wearing White Gloves Cleaning the Smoking Grill

How to Clean George Foreman Grills with Removable Plates in a Sink? 

  1. If you don’t have a dishwasher, you can, of course, clean the grill plates under the sink. Simply follow Steps 1 to 4 in the procedure described in the section above. 
  2. Then wash the grill plates in the sink using a wet sponge and just some mild dish soap or a non-abrasive cleaning solution. 
  3. Clean the rest of the components with damp paper towels.  

Additional Tips

  • The George Foreman grill, as I mentioned earlier, is an easy-to-clean grill. But to make each deep-cleaning process simpler, it’s best to clean your grill after each use, even if you didn’t cook anything particularly messy. This prevents grease build-up and simplifies cleaning in the long run.
  • Use your grill responsibly. The best way to maintain it is to not get it messy in the first place. A trick I like to use is to place some parchment paper on the griddle plates.
  • The drip trays on your George Foreman grill collect a lot of grease and can get quite messy. Make sure to empty and clean them regularly to prevent any build-up and to keep your grill functioning correctly.

Troubleshooting: What to Do If Your Grill Isn’t Getting Clean?

If your George Foreman grill isn’t getting clean, there could be a few reasons why. Here are some tips to help you get your grill looking like new again:

  • Check the heating temperature: If your grill isn’t getting hot enough, it may be unable to burn off all the grease and food particles. Make sure the grill is heating up to the appropriate temperature according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Use more pressure: Apply more pressure when wiping away the gunk. You may need a stronger sponge or a scrub brush to get the job done.
  • Soak the grill plate: If the gunk is really stuck on and the grill plates are removable, you can try soaking it in warm soapy water for a while. This will help to loosen it up and make it easier to clean.
  • Use a different cleaning method: If the water and soap or the dishwasher method aren’t working, you can try using a commercial grill cleaner like the Stera-Sheen Griddle & Flat Grill Surface Cleaner. You can also try cleaning it with vinegar and baking soda solution.
  • Use a grill scraper: If you have a lot of gunk build-up on your grill plates, use a grill scraper to remove it before cleaning. This will make the cleaning easier and more effective. 

Safety Precautions When Cleaning Your Grill

You’ve got to be extra careful while cleaning your George Foreman grill. Here are some basic rules to ensure:

  • Unplug the grill: Always ensure it is unplugged and has cooled down before cleaning it. This will prevent any electrical accidents or burns.
  • Don’t use metal tools: When cleaning your George Foreman grill, avoid using metal items like steel scrapers. They can scratch the non-stick surface. Instead, use plastic or wooden tools.
  • Use a non-abrasive cleaner: When cleaning your grill, avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbers. They can damage the non-stick coating. Instead, only use a non-abrasive grill cleaner, soft sponge, and cloth.
  • Don’t submerge the grill in water: Your George Foreman grill is an electrical appliance, so it’s important not to submerge it in water. Instead, clean it with a damp cloth or sponge.
  • Keep the grill dry: After cleaning, be sure to dry the grill thoroughly before using it again. This will prevent any electrical shorts or other hazards.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions: Don’t frustratingly damage your grill while trying to get it clean. Remember always to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning your George Foreman grill and to take appropriate safety precautions. With a little persistence and elbow grease, you should be able to get your grill looking like new again in no time!
Person Cleaning an Electric Grill with Safety Measures


1. Can You Wash a George Foreman Grill in the Sink?

No, don’t do it! George Foreman is an electrically heated grill with electric components that can get damaged with water. The full grill should never be submerged in water. Instead, you can wash the grill plates in the sink. But that too only if they are removable. But as a complete grill, don’t you do it!

2. How Often Should You Clean Your Grill?

I recommend cleaning your George Foreman Grill or any similar indoor/outdoor electric grill after each use. This will ensure that it remains in good condition, easily cleaned each time, and prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria. 

3. Do all George Foreman grills have removable plates?

Not all George Foreman grills have removable plates. Some models have fixed plates that cannot be removed, while others have plates that are easily detachable for easier cleaning. It’s essential to check the specifications of the particular model you have or plan to purchase. 

Some examples of top George Foreman grills with removable grill plates are:

Meanwhile, George Foreman grills with fixed plates include the George Foreman GRS040B 2-Serving Grill and the George Foreman 5-Serving Classic Plate Grill. These can be awkward to clean, but you can use the first method provided in this article to clean them. 


I hope you found the tips for getting a George Foreman Grill clean helpful! Remember, the methods for cleaning your grill depend on the design of the plates. So, you want to first confirm the type of grill plates you have. If the grill plates of a George Foreman grill are removable, then you can wash them under the sink and in a dishwasher. On the other hand, you can wipe off basic George Foreman grills with classic grill plates using the first process I described. It’s that simple. 

Note that keeping your grill clean helps it last longer. It also ensures that your food remains healthy and free from harmful bacteria. So, the next time you fire up your grill and cook some dishes, remember to give it a quick clean in readiness for the next cooking session!

By Kristy J. Norton
I'm Kristy – a chef and connoisseur of all things BBQ! You can find me either in my kitchen (or someone else's) or at a big outdoor barbecue surrounded by friends and family. In both my professional and personal life I’ve picked up more than a few tips and tricks for turning out delicious food. I consider it a privilege to share it with others!
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