Rec Tec vs Green Mountain Pellet Grills: Breaking Down the Differences

November 1, 2023
Written by Kristy J. Norton

The major difference is that while RecTec grills are high-end spacious smokers built with heavy stainless steel, Green Mountain Grills are for those looking for affordable, portable pellet grills. GMG models are more for tailgating parties, backyard grilling, or those in cooking school. 

There are a lot of options between RecTec and Green Mountain grills. As a cook and grill master with experience purchasing and using these grilling and smoking equipment, I know exactly what to watch out for and how your needs and taste can match your budget.

So, in this Rec Tec vs Green Mountain pellet grills comparison, we’ll discuss why you should decide to go with the RecTec or the Green Mountain smoker. 

Rec tec vs green mountain

Rec Tec vs Green Mountain Pellet Grills: What’s the Difference?

Below is a quick Rec Tec vs Green Mountain side-by-side comparison of the capacity or design of both brands of pellet grill smokers: 


Green Mountain


Portability Features



Cooking Temperature Range

150 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit

180 to 749 degrees Fahrenheit

Hopper Capacity

9 lbs

15 to 53 pounds

WiFi and App-Enabled



Meat Probe Included




Between $350 to $400

Between $400 to $3,200


Green Mountain pellet grills are very portable. The hopper capacity of their grills is between 8lbs and 18lbs while you can find many RecTecs having up to 40lbs capacity, like the recteq RT-700 Wood Pellet Grill. In addition, the foldable legs of GMGs make them really portable.


The basic difference between GMG grills and Rec Tec is that while Green Mountain (like their name suggests) makes grills for travelers, Rec-Tec makes grills for use at the home backyard or terrace and commercial use

Green Mountain pellet grills are for those on the move, such as RVers, tailgaters, or those who want to go somewhere and have their compact pellet grill close by. Green Mountain pellet grills are designed to be quite portable. Their wood pellets grills come with tote bags for covering the smokers while on the go and after finishing your recipes. 

Most of them, especially the Davy Crockett range of grills, have foldable legs. After taking them out of the RV, just unfold them to stand and you can start grilling. 


Because Green Mountain pellet grills are made to be portable and small in size, they cost one-third (or more) of the price of a Rec Tec on average. Green Mountain grills impressed me with their pricing. They are often in the range of $350 to $400. Never more! 

So, Green Mountain pellet grills are for small families, those who want to own their first grills, those who have a small budget, and those that are by the beach today at the tailgating party tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, you need a large budget to buy a Rec Tec. Most of their grills cost around $1,200 on average. However, the recteq RT-B380 Bullseye Pellet Grill, which is the smallest Rec Tec, is sold for less than $400. But, it’s still some tens of dollars more expensive than the most expensive GMG grill. 

Cooking Space 

I answered this in the portability section. GMG grills are quite small in size, and hence cooking capacity. The smallest RecTec pellet grill, the RecTec RT-590 has a total cooking space of 590 square inches while the biggest, which is the RT-2500 BFG has a total cooking space of 2,500 square inches and pellet capacity of 53lbs, which to me is massive. You can’t get this with a Green Mountain grill or even a Traeger! 

So, a Rec Tec grill would be the choice for commercial grillers or those who like to host a party. Most GMG grills don’t go past 220 square inches. That to me is the real definition of a small portable grill. 

Temperature Range 

Green Mountain grill is the ultimate for low and slow grill fans with a starting temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit. But you can crank it up to 550 degrees for a real direct grilling style. Rec Tec on the other hand is a brand that makes machines for high temp grill fans

The minimum you can get with a Rec Tec is 180 degrees. However, you can fire all of their grills up to 700 degrees. This is great for those who like to do the reverse sear method. It’s also great for pizzas. 

Note that Rec Tec has models that can go beyond 700 degrees. For example, the RT-B380 Bullseye can reach 749 degrees but the lowest is 225 degrees. 


More About the Brands 

No matter which brand you know, the RecTec and Green Mountain Grills battle is quite hot amongst BBQ enthusiasts. And no one can say which brands are better. It’s all a matter of what your budget and needs are. Let’s delve deeper!

Green Mountain Grills

Green Mountain Inc. is a Nevada firm specializing in pellet smoking. They provide the same accessories as RecTec to enhance the grilling experience. The business began in 2006, so the product line reflects modern trends. Most are equipped to have WiFi capability, which RecTec offers in the RT340. They produce electric and nonelectric grill equipment.

Green’s ultimate travel-style grill is the Davy Crockett pellet smoker which has a thermal sensor. This is a widely available and extremely lightweight unit. Most on-the-move grill masters are going to gravitate toward this when they choose a Green Mountain grill.

Rec Tec

Rec Tec changed the pellet grill smoking game when they launched their new product line in 2009, offering innovative and advanced grilling solutions. Their pellet grills still feature ample storage and hopper capacity as well as an excellent stainless steel cooking chamber designed for the outdoor grill. 

Their grills have an elegant and stunning look that can be purchased in various colors: black, red, silver, and orange. The advantages of choosing a Rec Tec grill include its quality and cooking space. We can cook a whole variety of foods together at once. You can also smoke, bake, roast, or grill on their products! The digital WiFi controller allows for more cooking temperature control, even from your phone, where you can adjust the heat settings from your couch. A lot of their grills can fit 50 chicken wings, four 20 pounds of turkeys, four rib racks, or up to 30 hamburgers.

Why Rec Tec is My Best Choice?

The first thing everybody always notices are the bull horns which are pretty cool-looking. But Rec Tec is more than that. Here are reasons I’ll choose the Rec Tec vs Green Mountain grills.

The Construction 

Most Rec Tec grills are phenomenally built. They are mostly built of 304 stainless steel. The firebox, the lid, the cooking grates, the drip pan, and every single component is super heavy gauge stainless steel. 

When I was shopping for smokers I went to a bunch of different barbecue places and checked out the Green Mountains, Traegers, Pit Bosses, the Camp Chefs, and more. All of these have lots of grills on offer, with a lot more bells and whistles and all kinds of accessories. 

But the main reason you want to avoid buying any of those (minus the Green Mountain Pellet Grill) is that they are more mass-produced. This often time makes them a little cheaper in quality. 

A lot of them have coated and painted ceramic. The RecTec grills are a lot heavier than the GMG smokers. They’re not 304 stainless steel which makes a huge difference. As soon as you pick up the lid of a RecTec, you will notice how heavy it is. Green Mountain pellet grill products on the other hand are made of 14 gauge steel, from the Ledge Prime to Daniel Boone

RT-700 Wood Pellet Grill

The Hopper Size 

On average, a Rec Tec smoker has a thirty-pound capacity hopper which means you can do long hours of smoking at low temperatures. And you don’t have to keep refilling the wood pellets like you’d need to with a Green Mountain Grill. 

But if you want to spend four or five hundred dollars, you can get a GMG or Pit Boss. However, you can’t get the size of a Rec Tec for that price point. So if you’re more budget conscious, a GMG may be your better option. 

But, if you want a phenomenal quality pellet smoker, Rec Tec grills are the best option for you. 

Durability and Ease of Use 

If you buy a Green Mountain grill, you may need to get another one in 10 years at the max. But most RecTec grills are built to last up to 40 years, or according to the manufacturer, up to a lifetime

Rec Tec grills are solid stainless steel smoker types but they don’t get hot, despite how hot the heat can get inside. 

They’re super easy to hold on to. Opening the lid is easy as they have two handles because of the weight.

The Electronics 

Another thing I like about RecTec grills is that the assembly, electronics, and quality control are all done in the US. Much of the components from GMG are made in China, which is why they’re a lot cheaper. However, I have to mention that the RecTec doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles for its price but what it does have is great quality. 

Yes, the RecTec models don’t have the fanciest electronics. Other brands now make super fancy ones that are very dynamic with lots of flashing numbers, dials, knobs, and buttons. But RecTec (including Green Mountain) grills are very basic. However, it works flawlessly. Most users have had zero issues with their grills.

Heat Retention 

Thanks to the high gauge stainless steel of Rec Tec grills, the heat retention is phenomenal. The heat probes are usually within one degree of each other. 

There’s usually another probe on the inside that is always spot-on. Even if you open the lid, you only lose a degree or two. But within a few minutes of closing the lid, it automatically senses it and starts feeding the firebox more and it heats right back up. 

Customer Service 

Another point on the list of why I prefer Rec Tec is the customer service. You start reading reviews on smokers and it’s very easy to figure out that a lot of them fall apart; a lot of models break down; a lot of them start working especially about a year into using them. Components like the auger start breaking, the WiFi doesn’t work anymore or it smokes unevenly. The wheels fall off and other lots of mediocre stuff. But most Rec Tec grills have positive reviews and really great ratings. 

Moreover, Rec Tec said their grills can last a lifetime. And they’re putting their money where their mouth is by backing their grills with 2 to 6 years warranty, 4 on the average (compared to Green Mountain’s 3 years). 

If anything goes wrong, you can call them up. When you send them an email, they will reply within a day. If you ever have an issue or you need a replacement part, they’re fully stocked and will ship it out to you immediately. 

RT-1250 Wood Pellet Grill


Are Green Mountain Grills Made in China?

Yes. Green Mountain grill products are manufactured in China. Seeing the price they sell their grill at, I wasn’t surprised when I started researching the grill brand to know where they are producing from.

What’s Better Green Mountain or Traeger?

I personally would choose a Green Mountain over a Traeger. Newer models of Green Mountain are equipped with WiFi and are app-enabled, while the Trager Tailgater has no WiFi connection. Although it’s hardly a huge difference, the GMGs beat Traeger in maximum temperatures with its grills rated at 150 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Traeger’s grills on the other hand will only max out at 450 degrees.

Is Yoder Better Than Rec Tec?

Yoder has excellent smoking capabilities, but not every person can afford their grills. The choice between the Yoder and Rec Tec has been difficult because of the similarities in features, but I’ll always go for the Rec Tec due to its impressive portability and affordability. 

Are Rec Tec Grills Made in China?

Rec Tec grills are manufactured in China. However, the assembly, computer hardware, and quality control are handled in the United States. Its roots began in the garage in the US back in 2009. It is now branded as “Recteq” starting from 2020.

Conclusions: Which Should You Go For?

I’ve tried to differentiate between both the two pellet grills in the Rec Tec vs Green Mountain grills comparison. So what you’re going for should be decided by now. Again, RecTec grills are made for those who want smoking efficiency in terms of grilling space and grilling temperature control. This is because Rec Tec grills are larger in cooking surface and pellet hopper size and have higher burning power of up to 749 degrees.

I also liked that they have a wide range of models for all budgets, with their grills starting at $400 and with really large and high-end models that cost upwards of $3,000. Indeed, there’s something for everyone.

Grills from Green Mountain, on the other hand, are for low-budget buyers with most available under $400. I just don’t like that they don’t have a wider range of smokers for different needs. All their products cost almost the same price, with little differences of $10 to $20. However, they also have a temperature range of 150 to 550 degrees, which is enough for most recipes. I like that they’re portable and RV-ready. They just won’t hold a lot of burgers, chickens, or thanksgiving turkey, as a normal Rec Tec can take. 

By Kristy J. Norton
I'm Kristy – a chef and connoisseur of all things BBQ! You can find me either in my kitchen (or someone else's) or at a big outdoor barbecue surrounded by friends and family. In both my professional and personal life I’ve picked up more than a few tips and tricks for turning out delicious food. I consider it a privilege to share it with others!
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