We took great pride in our sauce offerings. They were especially created to pair well with all of the dishes on our menu but tasted just as great when enjoyed alone! From hot sauce to barbecue sauce, we added flavor in a variety of ways.

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  • Mustard Sauce: a blend of mustard, black pepper, and cider vinegar. It was the perfect pairing for pulled pork and all kinds of pork ribs.
  • East North Carolina Finishing Sauce: a combination of cider vinegar, ketchup, and a blend of family secrets. We always added this sauce to our pulled pork before serving it to our customers.
  • Habanero Sauce: equal parts spicy and flavorful, this sauce had some serious zing to it. It was our secret weapon in our Habanero slaw.
  • BBQ Sauce: ketchup based sauce with brown sugar, cider vinegar, and molasses. This was the perfect to anything that required barbecue sauce. We, personally, used to add it to our sweet tea chicken and Maker’s Mark Portobello mushroom.
  • CatHead’s Catsup: this was a house made ketchup with fennel, onions, and spices. It went particularly well with our pulled lamb shoulder.
  • Pepper Vinegar: this was a blend of fresh hot chiles and cider vinegar. We used it as a seasoning for our greens and pinto bean chowder.
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