Weber Spirit II E 210 Review (What’s New?)

September 10, 2023
Written by Kristy J. Norton

The Weber Spirit II E 210 is one of the best to come out of Weber’s Spirit line in 2019. But it still is one of the best Weber propane gas grills on the market today. It’s all due to its ultra-portable size, affordable price, and its decent burning power of 26,500 British thermal units (BTU) per hour at maximum heat output.

I had the time to test the Weber Spirit II E 210. So, in today’s Weber Spirit II E 210 review, I’ll tell you everything I observed about this popular under $500 propane gas grill. I’ll also compare it extensively with other Weber models, especially the original Spirit E-210. So, with this review, you should be able to make an informed decision.

Weber spirit ii e 210 review

A Comprehensive Review of the Weber Spirit II E-210 Gas Grill

Weber Spirit II E-210 Propane Grill
Weber Spirit II E-210 2-Burner Liquid Propane...
Country of Production
Number of Burners
Fuel Type
Burning Power
26500 BTU/hr.
Primary Cooking Surface
360 square inches
Warming Rack/Secondary Cooking Surface
90 square inches
Grilling System
GS4 grilling technology
48 x 27 x 44.5 inches
103 pounds
10 years
Weber Spirit II E-210 Propane Grill
Weber Spirit II E-210 2-Burner Liquid Propane...
Country of Production
Number of Burners
Fuel Type
Burning Power
26500 BTU/hr.
Primary Cooking Surface
360 square inches
Warming Rack/Secondary Cooking Surface
90 square inches
Grilling System
GS4 grilling technology
48 x 27 x 44.5 inches
103 pounds
10 years

I’ll first talk about the size and weight of this gas grill. This is a reasonably dimensioned grill, measuring 48 x 27 x 44.5 inches, and weighing 103 lbs. It looks as if it was designed to fit a four-foot balcony.  Like a lot of Weber’s grills, there are two heavy-duty caster wheels, as well as two side shelves to this grill for ease of moving it.

However, there are just two burners on this grill. This is more limited than what I’m used to finding in this price range. But the grilling performance is great. The two burners have a cooking power of 26,500 BTU/h, which is impressive. I found that the grill heats evenly and the grill cooks to perfection. 

For ease of assembly, the Weber grill also has an easy-to-read manual, grill parts, and an app that helps put it together.

The primary cooking surface is 360 square inches. There’s also the warming rack which produces indirect heat for indirect cooking or warming food like with many gas grills. This has added 90 square inches of cooking surface. That makes 450 square inches of total cooking space altogether.

The product comes with the GS4 grilling system, a Weber Grills proprietary technology that includes the Infinity Ignition, powerful burners, the grease management system, and the flavorizer bars. The efficient grill has a built-in lid thermometer and a fuel gauge that tells you when the gas tank needs refilling.

You have a 10-year warranty with the Weber Spirit II E 210. But there’s no questioning the durability of this grill. I have had a number of products from Weber Grills in my hands and find them reliable. The materials used for the design are steel for the base and stainless steel for the cooking chamber. So this is an easy-to-clean system.

The Spirit II E-210 is powered by liquid propane. I should also mention that this grill is easy to start. You just need to turn the ignition knob called the Infinity ignition and the grill will be fired up and ready within minutes. Asides from ease of starting the grill, the ignition system also helps with temperature controls.

This gas grill offers several advantages compared to a charcoal grill. You don’t have to wait tens of minutes for the charcoal to be ready. The grease management system also makes it much less dirty. You won’t have problems with ash or soot. Therefore, it’s ideal for grilling on the balcony in the condominium.

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Reviewing the Weber Spirit II E-210 Part By Part

What makes this gas grill highly ranked by the BBQ community? Here’s what I found.

Build Quality

First, the Spirit II E-210 is made of steel. It takes up very little space and features the new powerful GS4 stainless steel burners and the new Infinity ignition system.

The Weber Spirit line is built of superior materials for reliable durability. The grill is made more of high-quality materials when you compare it to gas grills of similar sizes and prices. 

The burners and side shelves are made of stainless steel, so be extra careful with handling these items as they may cause scratches. 

On the other hand, Weber made the porcelain enameled lid and cook box of welded aluminum. They are durable, easy to clean, and rust-proof. I had no problem with the build quality of the grill. 

Porcelain-coated Cast Iron Cooking Grates

There are two cooking grates in this grill and they’re both made of cast iron and have porcelain coating.

With a combined primary cooking area of 20.32 x 17.5 inches, the cooking grates are sufficient for a family of 4. You can reverse these cast iron cooking grates and cook foods like fish on the thinner side. 

Fat Management System

The liquids and grease in the food being cooked flow easily into the new fat collection system. This simplifies cleaning operations and you won’t have problems with flare-ups that can be dangerous, clog the burner emitters, and hand you more maintenance work. 

GS4 Burners

The gas grill features new burners that produce powerful and consistent heat. The unique tapered shape ensures a constant flow of gas from front to back for even heat distribution.

Flavor Bars

The now-famous Weber flavorizer bars on this model are made of enameled steel. They are cleverly angled to catch the drops of fat falling from the food. 

These bars instantly vaporize the fat droppings, generating the flavorful smoke that gives the classic smell of grilled food. A clever semicircle slot also makes it easy to see if the burner flame is lit.

Side Shelves With Integrated Tool Hooks

You’ll also find six cutlery hooks integrated into the two side shelves. The left table can be folded to further reduce the overall grill dimensions, while the right shelf is compatible with the iGrill3.

Open Cart Design

The open trolley is equipped with two large wheels for easy movement. There’s also a practical and sturdy shelf able to provide a lot of space to house Weber accessories.

Warming Rack

Also included is the removable warming rack from the first Weber Spirit 2. This measures 90 square inches of cooking space as well. The direct heat is ideal for keeping food warm or for toasting hamburger bread.

Lateral Housing for the Gas Bottle

There’s also a new arrangement for storing the gas cylinder under the right side shelf. This helps you to increase the space for storing objects and have easier access to changing the cylinder.

Price and Ease of Assembly 

Most stores sell gas grills for around $390 to $450 without the grill accessories. As for the version with the accessory, the price difference is $78. 

Some physical stores will also offer to fully assemble it for you for $100. You don’t need to be a grill technician to put this grill together. 

It’s easy to assemble in about an hour as the instructions are intuitive. The bag of hardware comes numbered for ease of installation.  Some key items like the gas line and burners come already assembled.

Grilling Tools for the Weber Spirit II E-210

Again, all Weber Spirits are compatible with the iGrill 3 Bluetooth thermometers. You can buy it separately or purchase the version packed with the grill accessory

The iGrill 3 allows you to monitor the temperature of the food throughout the cooking process via an app. You will receive a notification on your smartphone as soon as the ideal cooking temperature is reached.

The version with accessories also has a premium cover with Velcro fastening strips. These protect the barbecue from rain and other elements when not in use. 

Spirit II E-210 Gas Grill

What’s Different on the Weber Spirit II E-210?

What are the changes in the Weber Spirit II E-210 compared to the original model? Check them out one after the other.

1. A More Modern Overall Look

For the overall look, I’d say Weber has modernized the look of this gas grill from the first Spirit E-210. The lines are clean, the parts robust, and the feeling of quality is very present on it. 

The trolley is now open as in Genesis 2. So you can store accessories or spices within easy reach. 

On the other hand, the gas bottle will now be visible on the side of the barbecue while it was hidden inside the cart on the previous one.

2. The GS4 Cooking System Inherited From the Genesis

The high-performance grilling system named GS4 already present in the Genesis range is now coming to the Spirit II grills range. This GS4 system has several advantages:

  • Easy ignition
  • High-performance burners that ensure perfect heat distribution
  • Flavorizer bars that catch fat and vaporize cooking juices
  • The fat escapes automatically into the collection tray located under the tank

3. A New, Easier-to-clean Porcelain Enameled Grates

The cooking grates is now perfectly flat enough to facilitate the passage of the stainless steel brush.

4. A Different Fat Evacuation System 

Another thing that looks different on the Weber Spirit E-210 is the grease management system. 

The fat falls into a small aluminum disposable drip tray located under the burners. This limits flare-ups and makes the grill easier to clean. 

5. Larger Wheels 

The original Spirit has a set of small caster wheels. These are now improved on the Spirit 2. The wheels are now larger and can move well on your gravel driveway or other off-road situations. 

6. New Side Tables 

You’ll also find several changes on the side tables. First, you should note the appearance of an iGrill 3 support on the right shelf. So, you can easily attach your iGrill 3 thermometer to this magnetic support and thus precisely monitor the cooking of your dishes.

Then, I have to highlight the stainless steel construction of these shelves which makes them more sturdy and sleek.

Another change you can find is that there’s only one foldable shelf (the one on the left). There are no longer 2 foldable side tables as on the previous model. This is a downside for customers who lack storage space.

Only the left shelf is foldable and it’s due to the space for the propane tank under the right shelf.

7. A More Affordable Propane Grill 

Finally, I would like to point out that Weber has lowered the price of this model. Imagine buying an upgraded model for a lesser price.

The previous one was sold for $499 without the cooking accessories while the Weber Spirit 2 E-210 is sold for a hundred dollars less.   

Who Is It For?

The Weber Spirit II E-210 barbecue fits perfectly into the definition of a small-sized compact grill perfectly suited to use on small balconies. 

If you like to grill delicate dishes like shrimp or fish, you’ll find that the thin side of the cooking grate is perfect for this. I’ve also had great success cooking Beer Can chicken on this grill. The chicken on the can sits comfortably thanks to the generous height and shape of the lid.

If you have a limited budget and your needs are not demanding, you have to consider this grill. This small grill is perfect for smaller families. It fits snugly anywhere in the house, but also offers excellent grilling experiences. 

What I Liked 

  • GS4 technology for ease of use and efficient cooking
  • Suitable for beginners; you can step up your grilling game with the grill
  • Stainless steel cooking chamber ensures easier maintenance
  • Ergonomic and easy to maintain
  • A propane fuel gauge lets you know when the propane tank needs a refill
  • The Spirit product now looks more contemporary and aesthetic 
  • Features a built-in thermometer
  • Easy-to-clean cast iron grates
  • Sturdy stainless steel shelves

What I Didn’t Like

  • The propane tank doesn’t fit inside the cart but outside 
  • Only one of the side shelves can fold down 
  • 2 wheels instead of 4 which sometimes requires lifting the grill
Weber Spirit II E-210 2-Burner Liquid Propane...
  • Your purchase includes One Weber Spirit...
  • Grill dimensions: Lid Open - 57"H x 48"W...
  • Propane gas grill works with Standard 20...
  • Features: Porcelain-enameled, cast-iron...
  • Two burner grill is built to fit small...

Should You Buy It?

I recommend this BBQ grill for its slim design, affordable cost of ownership, and quality construction. The grill performs well if you don’t need to grill for a party. Iit still has ample cooking space for a gas grill. The downsides mentioned above, as you can see, are not deal breakers. 

The Weber Spirit II E-210 grill is an internationally recognized liquid propane grill. It is Weber’s best-selling fully-sized grill with an average cost of around $390 to $480. It continues to rank higher than products from Weber’s competitors within the same price ranges.

However, if you find the Spirit 2 too small for your needs, note that this grill is also available in the version with three burners, the Weber Spirit II E-310. The price difference is just $150


The Weber-Spirit 2 E-210 is small and powerful with all the essential functions for grilling. The two stainless steel burners are lit with a button, so you won’t need a lighter or matches. With its compact dimensions, this Weber model is also suitable for a small balcony or a garden with little space.

It’s perfect for directly cooking steaks and hamburgers or for indirect cooking of delicate food like fish fillets or large roasts. 

I know grills have become more accessible and cheaper than when the Original Weber Spirit E-210 came. But with a $100 difference, you’re getting an upgrade as well as a product with excellent value for money. 

By Kristy J. Norton
I'm Kristy – a chef and connoisseur of all things BBQ! You can find me either in my kitchen (or someone else's) or at a big outdoor barbecue surrounded by friends and family. In both my professional and personal life I’ve picked up more than a few tips and tricks for turning out delicious food. I consider it a privilege to share it with others!
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