Piece by Piece: A Weber Spirit II E 310 Review

September 6, 2023
Written by Kristy J. Norton

Coming from a long line of pitmasters and being a professional chef myself, I have put my fair share of grills through their paces. I do it once more in this Weber Spirit II E 310 review.

From build quality to temperature regulation and accessories, I look at each and every aspect of this grill to determine if this should be your next grill. Let’s begin!

Weber Spirit II E 310 Review

Weber Spirit II E 310 Specs

Weber Spirit II E 310
Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane...
44.5 x 52 x 27 inches
Stainless Steel Burner
Main Burners
30,000 BTUs per hour
Fuel Type
Liquid Propane and Natural Gas (20lb tank)
Battery Type
Primary Cooking Area
424 square inches
Cooking Grates
Porcelain Enamel Cast Iron cooking grates
Weber Spirit II E 310
Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane...
44.5 x 52 x 27 inches
Stainless Steel Burner
Main Burners
30,000 BTUs per hour
Fuel Type
Liquid Propane and Natural Gas (20lb tank)
Battery Type
Primary Cooking Area
424 square inches
Cooking Grates
Porcelain Enamel Cast Iron cooking grates

Breaking Down the Weber Spirit II E 310

Now, let’s take a look at what this Weber spirit gas grill has to offer:

Overall Design

Let’s start of this gas grill review with the things that I like about the design. It boasts a compact, lightweight design that works well for a small family or even a mid-sized one. It is pretty easy to assemble and although you may require an assistant, the job should be done in under an hour.

One of the interesting features of the Weber Spirit II E 310 review is that it has just two wheels instead of the typical four wheels. Personally, I quite enjoy this setup. Yes, it can make moving the grill around a little trickier, but it’s nice to have that added stability while grilling. This is especially true if you are balancing food items on the two side tables on either side of the grill – another nice touch.

The side shelves are definitely a great feature and practically a must at this price point. Despite this, you would be surprised to see how many other brands don’t bother with such an important function.

A Man Grilling Burger Patties

I like the side shelves for two top reasons. The first is that it allows me to easily transfer food from platters onto the grill with minimal hassle. I can also do so quickly to ensure that all the food starts cooking at the same time.

The other reason is that I can prepare these spaces to take food off the grill as quickly as I put them on it. With hotdogs and hamburgers, spending even more than a minute longer than necsesary on the grill can throw off the taste and texture.

I have to say that the open cart design is a plus in this case. I don’t enjoy opening and closing doors while trying to keep an eye on the grill. The multiple tool hooks are certainly a great option and isn’t something that you always find with grills, even on high end ones.

I do wish that there was a compartment for the propane tank. This, of course, isn’t a feature that is strictly necessary, but it can help to keep the surrounding space neat and orderly.

The only real gripe that I have with the Spirit II E 310 gas grill is that there are just three burners. When compared to other grills of a similar or even lower price, this Weber grill falls short. This is especially true since it isn’t equipped with even one side burner.

Quality and Construction

Sure, the price tag is a bit on the higher side, but the good news is that with Weber grills, you are getting that stamp of credibility. This grill boasts a high quality construction and ahs excellent build quality from top to bottom.

To add to this, you get a ten year warranty! The warranty details coverage against rust and burn through for this period. However, fading and other typical wear and tear will be not be covered.

Now, obviously I can’t be certain about just how long the Weber Spirit II E 310 is going to last you but if you take good care of it, I would say that you can easily use it for several years at a time. Just be mindful of normal wear and tear, however.

With painted grills like this, chipping and scratches is always a concern so you should watch out for this. Another to consider is the possibility of rust. However, as long as you store it in a dry area and keep it covered at all times, you should be able to avoid this.

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Functional Space

This is one of the main elements that you need to look at when choosing any grill, and the Weber Spirit II E 310 is no different.

As I already mentioned, the three burners aren’t up to most gas grills standards, but it will still do for a small to mid-sized family. That being said, there is ample cooking space here – it is on par even with more expensive brands.

So, how much of grilling space do you actually enjoy here? Well, this amounts to about 15 burgers, a couple of racks of ribs, and about three whole chickens, depending on the size of the birds.

To add to the grill surface, there is also a warming rack. This can also work well for low and slow cooking or if you want to cook something over indirect heat.

The cast iron cooking grates are good for maintaining heat, allowing the food to cook more evenly. They are also fairly easy to clean up after, without causing any damage to the grates.

The Grilling System

As far as BTUs go, the Weber Spirit II E 310 isn’t especially high up there. In fact, it is on the lower side, but I don’t really see that as a bad thing. Sure, higher temperatures are great for searing food, but most meats are cooked on mid to high temperatures and this gas grill is perfectly capable of doing that.

What I am impressed about here is the GS4 grilling system, of which, the infinity ignition system is a major function. Essentially, it ensures that the grill lights up faster and I have to say, this feature works like a charm. More often than not, the grill sprung to life without any issue at all.

This feature can be especially useful in colder conditions when you are finding against lower temperatures and wind in starting up your grill. As it is all battery operated, the effort is taken out of your hands. I know this is something that newer users are going to like about this grill.

The other element that I like is the high performance burners. These reach higher temperatures more quickly and maintain even heating quite well. This reduces the risk of any hot or cold spots.

Now, another feature of the grilling system is the porcelain enameled flavorizer bars. These are meant to catch drippings from meat and food. The flavorizer bars then allow these drippings to evaporate, adding extra flavor to the food. These are also meant to minimize the risk of flare ups.

I wasn’t especially blown over by the flavorizer bars. After using the Weber Spirit II E 310, I didn’t really notice any additional flavor. Also, while they can mitigate flare ups, there is still the possibility of these occuring.

The Burner Performance

As mentioned, you have three burners to choose from. I like the way that they have been set up. This gives you a lot of different options when cooking and grilling.

For instance, you can create a high sear zone on one end and a low temperature, finishing zone on the other. Or, you can create areas of direct and indirect heat with each side burner, which is gives you more cooking options such as when dealing with ribs and roasts.

If you want to cook food more gradually, then it is simply a matter of leaving the middle burner off.

With many other makes and models, it isn’t always so easy to set up such zones. Thus, if you don’t have prior experience in it, you can end up with some pretty sad food. With the Weber Spirit II E 310, though, you should be able to figure this out after a relatively short period of time. You will be grilling like a pro in no time at all.

Temperature Control

Of course, a pretty important aspect of any grill is temperature control and maintenance. The temperature gauge is easy to use and is great for ensuring that you choose as precise of a setting as you desire.

Grilling Meat and Sausages

What’s really great, though, is the built in lid thermometer. The center mounted thermometer gives you an idea of what the internal temperature is for the cooking chamber and whether or not it is holding up as you need it to. Such a feature allows you to stick to your preferred timing.

Speaking of thermometers, this grill can be hooked up to the Weber’s app connected thermometer. This accessory isn’t available with the grill and is sold separately. Is this worth the additional cost? Not necessarily, I would argue that you can get a similar advantage with a good digital thermometer.

That being said, it is a nice way to enjoy upgrades with your Weber Spirit II E 310 without having to splurge on high end models. It can also be an interesting accesory to have if you aren’t a fan of hanging around the grill all day long.

Especially with larger cuts of meat, you can simply insert the probe and occassionally check your app to see how fast the meat is cooking.

Additional Features

This Weber Spirit gas grill doesn’t have too many extra accessories. At the end of the day, this is a pretty basic design. So, if you are looking for bells and whistles then you may want to check out other gas grills.

That being said, the feature that I am most fond of here is the propane scale. This gives you a reading of how much fuel is in propane tank. Now, what I like this for two reasons. First off, it means that you never waste any propane – the fuel gauge tells you whether or not your tank is empty before you take it in for a new one.

There is also the fact that you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel again. This is great for larger cookouts – you always know when to keep a reserve on hand.

This can seem like such a simple feature, but it isn’t every day that you find it. And, it doesn’t matter if you grill occassionally or on a frequent basis, being able to tell just how much fuel is in your propane tank is going to make your life a lot easier either way. Once you begin to use this grill, you will realize just how handy it actually is.

Ease of Use

Put all these features together and what do you have? A solid grill that is quite simple to use. In fact, I would readily recommend this model to those who are getting started. From start to finish, this offers an easy yet high quality grilling experience.

I especially like the fact that the grill starts up with minimal fuss thanks to the GS4 grilling system. And, since you don’t have to stay on top of the temperatur or worry too much about maintaining the temp, you have a more relaxed time ahead of you.

At the same time, as you grow as a barbecue enthusiast, this grill accommodates this. While it may not be on the same level as high end or newer models, the Weber Spirit II E 310 has plenty to offer in terms of both power as well as grilling opportunities.

Maintaining the Gas Grill

I may have been using grills for practically my whole life, but I will be the first one to admit that I absolutely hate cleaning up after a cookout. Therefore, I was interested to see just how easy it would be to clean and maintain the Weber Spirit II E 310 gas grill.

As mentioned, the grates have been designed to be easy to clean. As long as you use a cleaning brush to dust them off after every cooking session, they should remain as good as new. Remember to avoid using too much pressure or harsh tools or you may risk chipping the coating.

The grease management system ensures that all the grease ends up in one place. As long as you make a point to empty out regularly and remove the grease, cleanup should be a breeze. What’s more, the grease management system is easily accessible from the front, making it a breeze to get to it.

The only thing that you need to be careful of when cleaning is the flavorizer bars. Make every effort to avoid scratching it – so only use a stainless steel brush if you absolutely have to. What’s more, avoid using metal on it – stick to plastic cleaning tools.

An interesting feature is that the burner tubes have netting over them. This is great for keeping creepy crawlies away so that you don’t have to clean them out later. This mesh needs a bit of brushing every now and then.

Pros and Cons

Here is a summary of the pros and cons:


  • Good quality and design
  • Good cooking space
  • High performance grilling and cooking
  • Good temperature regulation
  • Versatile cooking options
  • Propane tank gauge
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean


  • Fewer number of burners
  • Few additional features
  • Higher price
Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane...
  • Boasts the GS4 grilling system with...
  • Porcelain-enameled, cast iron cooking...
  • 529 Square inches of cooking space over...
  • 30, 000 BTU-per-hour input main burners...
  • Open cart design with six tool hooks and...

Comparing the Weber Grill Models

Before wrapping up, let’s take a look at how the Weber Spirit II E 310 gas grill holds up against other models. Let’s start with the original Weber Spirit – the E 210. This may have a lower price, but the E 310 outclasses it in cooking surface area, power, and the number of burners, so there is no competition, really.

Then, what about the Spirit E 310? Well, you get a bit more fire power per burner, but apart from that there isn’t too much difference here. It is up to you to decide whether this is worth the higher price tag.

Now, I do want to quickly compare the Spirit II E 10 and Genesis II – the former is a higher end option. However, apart from the fact there is slightly more cooking area and the BTUs are higher, I wouldn’t waste my money but stick with the Spirit II E 310 instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between the Weber Spirit and Spirit 2?

The main difference is that the Spirit has 32,000 BTUs instead of the 30,000 BTUs of the Spirit II.

When did Weber Spirit E-310 Come Out?

This was released in April 2018.

How Many Burgers Fit on a Weber Spirit E-310?

This machine can fifteen burgers at one time.

The Final Verdict

My final say on the Weber Spirit II E 310 gas grill review is this – if don’t mind spending a little extra money, then go ahead and invest in this grill. Yes, there are only 3 burners and there aren’t too many additional features on it.

At the same time, this is a great grill and it could be the right grill for you. It has great construction quality and has been built to last you a long time. On top of this, you get a great grilling experience as this model is so easy to use and maintain.

By Kristy J. Norton
I'm Kristy – a chef and connoisseur of all things BBQ! You can find me either in my kitchen (or someone else's) or at a big outdoor barbecue surrounded by friends and family. In both my professional and personal life I’ve picked up more than a few tips and tricks for turning out delicious food. I consider it a privilege to share it with others!
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