Weber Traveler Review: Does This Portable Model Do the Trick?

September 4, 2023
Written by Kristy J. Norton

The Weber Traveler offers great build quality, consistent temperatures, and excellent grilling performance. It does lose points for its higher weight and size but overall is one of the better portable grills on the market.

Just before the start of summer, my friend asked me to help them find a portable gas grill. The Weber Traveler was one of the top options on their list and they wanted to know what I thought. So, I decided to put this grill through its paces!

In this Weber Traveler review, I will test out this grill and tell you exactly how it performs and whether or not it will be a right fit for you!

weber traveler review

Weber Traveler Specifications

Weber Traveler Portable Gas Grill
Weber Traveler Portable Gas Grill, Black
Cooking Space
320 Square Inches
Type of Fuel
Propane Gas
No. of Burners
Burner Output
13,000 BTU
Cooking Grate Material
Porcelain Enameled Cast Iron Grates
Grill Dimensions
37.2 x 43.6 x 23 Inches
Weight (lbs)
Weber Traveler Portable Gas Grill
Weber Traveler Portable Gas Grill, Black
Cooking Space
320 Square Inches
Type of Fuel
Propane Gas
No. of Burners
Burner Output
13,000 BTU
Cooking Grate Material
Porcelain Enameled Cast Iron Grates
Grill Dimensions
37.2 x 43.6 x 23 Inches
Weight (lbs)

An Examination of the Weber Traveler Features

Here is an in-depth Weber Traveler review of the various components and elements of the gas grill:

The Assembly

Let’s begin with the assembly of the grill. I have to say that as far as assembly goes, this is one of my favorite grills to put together.

This is probably because the grill comes almost fully assembled. As a result, there is very little work to do and almost no effort made.

In fact, all I had to do was attach the wheels, insert the grill grates into their proper position, and pop the drip tray in its rightful place.

If you are confused by the setup process at any point, then all you have to do is download the Biltapp. This is available for both Android and iOS devices and has instructions for the Weber Traveler.

You have everything from 360 degree photos and guidelines for parts to guided tutorials. So, you will be able to put this grill together in no time at all.

The Design

Next up is the design because after all, this is meant to be a portable model. So, just how portable is the Weber Traveler?

Now, one of the things that I like about the Weber Traveler is that it is designed as a full-sized grill but can still be flattened down into a portable grill.

This is fairly easy to do. You start by locking the lid of the cooking chamber. Make sure to do this properly. If you don’t then the grill grates will fall out while you are attempting to move this gas grill.

Then, you fold the legs so that the Weber traveler largely lies flat except for the cooking chamber, of course. What I like about this is that it is really easy to do with the Weber Traveler. It is just a matter of pushing the grill down into the right height and locking it into place.

Then, you can grab the handle of this portable gas grill and pull it where it needs to go. The wheels are also a definite plus. They were pretty good quality and I found that I was able to roll the grill across most surfaces without any hassle.

So, how does the Weber Traveler portable gas grill fare against other portable grills?

Well, while I do like the way that the Weber Traveler flattens down for travel, this isn’t the easiest portable grill to move around.

For one thing, this portable gas grill is on the heavier side. It weighs almost 50lbs so there is a good chance that you are going to need help to carry it unless you have great upper body strength.

My other gripe is that this Weber Traveler gas barbecue grill isn’t the most compact portable grill on the market. If you have a truck or a similar sized vehicle then you will have no problem transporting it from one place to another. If you are vehicle is smaller than this, though, it can be a bit of a struggle.

However, if you have some help and the right amount of trunk space then this will not be an issue for you.

The Fuel Options

Another cool thing about the Weber Traveler is that if you are looking for a more portable option, then you can attach a 16 ounce gas bottle onto the gas grill.

In case you want to cook more food or want to cook a cut of meat for a longer period of time, then you can attach the hose for a larger liquid petroleum gas canister if you want.

I tried out the Weber Traveler with both options. I found that the attachment process went fairly quickly in both cases.

In particular, I noticed that the Weber Traveler is very careful with its fuel use. Due to this, I was able to use the smaller gas canister for a longer period of time.

Cooking Surface Area

I have to say that I like how much cooking space you get with the Weber Traveler. Although it is meant to be a portable design, there is still a lot of surface area for you to cook on.

You can easily cook for three to four people at the same time. Or, you can go ahead and cook different types of food in batches at once.

I cooked burgers, hot dogs, ribs, and even smaller cuts of pork and beef on this gas grill. It worked well for all of these options.

In any case, if you want to cook larger quantities of food more quickly, then the Weber Traveler will get the job done.

Person Searing Veggies on the Weber Portable Grill

The Temperature Range and Control

I have to say that I was quite impressed by the temperature range of this Weber grill. It had low temperature settings as well as higher options. So, it works well for low and slow cooking as well as high heat grilling.

Due to this, you can cook a wider variety of foods on the Weber Traveler.

The other thing that I tracked over several cooks was the temperature control. I found that the gas grill burner control was really responsive. As I changed the settings, the temperature responded accordingly.

I also made it a point to keep track of the temperature inside the cooking chamber. And, I found the temperature rising and falling within a short period of time whenever I altered the temperature on the dial.

I am also happy to report that the temp fluctuations for this grill are far and few in between. As with any gas grill there were some minor changes but the grill course corrected fairly quickly and this didn’t impact the cooking process in any way.

The Heat Distribution

As with many other Weber grills, the Weber Traveler comes with cast iron cooking grates. After testing these out, I found that the heat distribution across the gas grill grates was even throughout.

I tested the various sections out and couldn’t find any hot spots or cold spots. The food cooked at an even rate from one end of the Weber Traveler grill to the other.

My only complaint with the Weber Traveler gas grill in this regard is that I do wish there was more than the single burner for this grill. Considering the space for the cooking area, a single burner isn’t ideal.

The problem with having just one burner is that you can’t create multiple heat zones. This means that all of your food can only cook at one temperature. Also, since your meat is almost exclusively exposed to direct heat, smoking your food isn’t as easy.

Ease of Use

The other feature that I really like about the Weber Traveler is that it is quite simple to use. For instance, once it is set up, you just have to make sure the gas control valve for the regulator is turned into the ON position.

You then put the burner control into the Start position and press the ignition button. This gets the grill going and allows you to start preheating the Weber Traveler. After this, it is just a matter of placing the dial at your desired temperature and you can begin grilling.

The setup is really simple and there are a minimal number of steps involved. Due to this, this is a grill that can be used by anyone, even those who haven’t really grilled before. In fact, it does work well as a first time grill.

Quality and Warranty

The Weber Traveler isn’t exactly a cheap grill so it is important to take a closer look at what kind of build quality you can expect from this grill.

As it does belong to the Weber brand, this grill does guarantee a certain level of quality. While the frame isn’t the toughest one I have come across, it is still pretty durable for a travel grill. Even with frequent use and transportation, I didn’t notice any dents or signs of wear and tear.

The same goes for the internal components of the Weber Traveler. They are all made from high quality elements and this keeps them running smoothly and efficiently for longer.

In particular, I really like the porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates on the Weber Traveler. It has a great non-stick finish but it is also durable enough to offer up high performance cook after cook.

So, this leaves the warranty for the grill. How does this hold up?

The warranty isn’t anything special but it works well considering the price point of the Weber Traveler.

The cookbox and the lid assembly has 5 years provided that there is no rust through or burn through. The grill grates have 3 years as long as there is no rust through or burn through. The rest of the grill parts have a 2 year warranty.

Storage Features

One of the things that I really like to see on portable gas grills such as these is the side table or shelf. This may not seem like such a big deal, but I feel like having these shelves is a must, especially if you are cooking away from home.

The side table with the Weber Traveler is a great place to keep your food that needs to go into the grill or has just come out of the grill. It can even function as a prep table if you are having a cookout at a different destination.

The other feature that I really like with the Weber Traveler are the tool hooks. Again, it seems like such a simple thing but it is a great feature to have. The hooks ensure that you have all your grilling tools right where you need them.

This means that everything is right within your reach and this does help with the overall grilling performance.

These are really great features to have with a portable grill and are certainly appreciated. It also helps to put the Weber Traveler a notch above the rest.

Cleaning Mechanism

I don’t particularly like cleaning up after a cook, so I am always looking for a grill that is quick and easy to clean. Due to this, the Weber Traveler is actually at the top of my list of favorite grills to clean.

All you really need is a grill brush to clean out the Weber Traveler from top to bottom. This includes the inside of the lid, the grill grates and the burner. As this grill is so compact it is quite easy to access all parts of the grill with minimal hassle.

In turn, this ensures that you are able to clean the grill more thoroughly. This prevents build up and rust in the long run.

Now, the outside of the grill and the frame is just as easy to clean. You do have to remember that many of the external components are made from stainless steel, though. So, it is important to use an appropriate cleaner and a softer brush when cleaning the outside of the grill.

Weber Traveler Portable Grill Easy Travel Wheels

Overall Grilling and Smoking Performance

Now, what is the general grilling performance with the Weber Traveler like?

Well, I made sure to use the Weber Traveler to grill burgers, hot dogs, ribs, and smaller cuts of pork and beef to get a better idea of what it has to offer.

Overall, I don’t have any complaints about the grilling performance of this grill. I kept a wireless thermometer inside the cooking chamber throughout each cook. As a result of this I was able to note the following:

It heats up fairly quickly and it got up to the temperature that I needed it to each and every time. The grill was also able to maintain a steady temperature throughout the cook. This was true for shorter cooks as well as longer cooks.

Thanks to this feature, I was able to grill more delicate options like burgers, hot dogs, and ribs without overcooking or drying out the meat.

At the same time, I was quite impressed with the higher temperatures that the Weber Traveler was able to achieve. I was able to sear steaks without any problem. And, even the thicker cuts of meat were fairly easy to cook as a result of this.

All in all, the Weber Traveler is offers a good and consistent grilling experience.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the smoking performance. However, I am not too surprised by this. The Weber Traveler is designed to be a portable gas model nothing more and nothing less. This is one of the reasons that this grill has just a single burner.

Now, despite having only one burner, I did try to use a smoke tube placed directly over the burner to try and create some smoke. This did work to a certain degree – there was some smoke produced. However, it wasn’t enough to really infuse the meat with flavor.

Does the Weber Traveler Have Any Standout Features?

If you are wondering if the Traveler has any standout features, you may be a bit disappointed. This is because this grill has been designed to grill food and be portable – no more and no less. Due to this, there are no additional features included with this grill.

On the one hand, this is a plus point. The lack of too many features or components does mean that the grill is easier to work. So, if you are new to grilling you will appreciate how straightforward the whole process is.

If you are a more seasoned grill master, though, you may find this grill a bit lacking. That being said, most portable models aren’t designed with too many fancy features. The main focus with such grills is keeping the weight to a minimum.

However, in case you are looking for something like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, you will need to look elsewhere. Bear in mind that you will also need to spend a great deal more for such grills as well.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to assemble
  • Good portable design
  • Easy to use
  • Good temperature range and control
  • Good grilling performance
  • Good heat distribution
  • Good storage features
  • Good build quality


  • Heavy
  • A bit big for a portable design
  • Only one burner

Alternatives to the Weber Traveler

While I really like the Weber Traveler, it isn’t perfect. So, are there any grills that can work as alternatives if you were looking for something a little different?

Well, the first alternate grill that I would consider is the Coleman RoadTrip 285. Now, this grill is a bit smaller when it comes to the cooking surface area. Also, it more or less weighs as much as the Traveler.

That being said, one of the things that I really like about this grill is that it has three independent burners. And, each of these burners comes with their own controls.

The main benefit of this is that you can cook three different types of food at the same time, at different temperatures. And, so, your cooking can be a lot more efficient.

The other advantage of this grill is that it makes smoking your food a lot easier. This is because you can create more than one heating zone, allowing your food to cook over indirect heat if needed.

The other option that you may want to consider is the Napoleon PRO285X TravelQ. This, too, has a smaller surface area than the Traveler. However, it has two burners that allow you to create two zones for cooking. The other nice feature of this grill is that it has two side shelves. This really comes in handy when prepping for food when you are in a different location.

Weber Traveler Portable Gas Grill

Now, if your key concern is mobility and weight, then you should go with the Weber Q1400. This is actually a tabletop grill. So, you can set it up on any surface that you like, ensuring that it is at the correct height. I also found that the grilling performance with this grill is pretty great.

As it is so light and compact, carrying this grill around is a breeze. It will also fit into any vehicle that you need. And, when it is not in use, it can actually be stored in your pantry cupboard, staying out of sight.

The Final Verdict of the Weber Traveler Portable Gas Grill

After all of this – here is the main question – should you buy this gas grill or not?

As I stated, the Traveler isn’t perfect. It can be a bit on the heavy side. Also, even when folded down, this gas grill does take up a fair amount of space. Due to this, you need a larger vehicle to help you move it from one place to another.

Still, I do love how easy it is to flatten down the grill. It is also great that you can grab ahold of the handle and easily cart the grill around on two wheels.

The other issue that I have with the Traveler is that there is just one burner. This means that you can only cook food at one temperature across the grill. Also, the grill isn’t great for smoking food.

However, I can’t really fault this grill for how well it functions as a grill. For one thing, the temperature range is quite versatile. So, you can cook foods at lower and higher temperatures. I also like how accurate the temperature is and how easy it is to manage during the cook.

And, to add to all of this it is actually quite easy to clean up this grill. You can access all the different parts, making it a breeze to keep the grill functioning efficiently at all times.

By Kristy J. Norton
I'm Kristy – a chef and connoisseur of all things BBQ! You can find me either in my kitchen (or someone else's) or at a big outdoor barbecue surrounded by friends and family. In both my professional and personal life I’ve picked up more than a few tips and tricks for turning out delicious food. I consider it a privilege to share it with others!
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