Smoked Spatchcock Chicken | A Finger-licking Recipe

Smoked spatchcock chicken refers to the cooked chicken whose backbone has been removed and the bird is flattened out before smoking. First, this old technique ensures more even cooking. Secondly, you’re getting juicier meat with crispier skin that’s just begging to be eaten. And when you add the rich, smoky flavor of a good BBQ, […]

How Long Can Marinated Chicken Stay in The Fridge?

Marinated chicken can stay good in your refrigerator for two days, so long as you store it properly. To ensure the meat stays fresh, you must package it properly and store it in a fridge that cools to 40 degrees or lower. Marinating chicken was among the first things I learned in culinary school. I […]

Can Chicken Be a Little Pink? Should I Eat It?

Are you surprised that the chicken you put in the oven has a pink color when you carve it? Don’t be alarmed. Chicken can be a little pink and still be safe to eat.  However, this depends on the reason for the pinkness. Your bird can be a little pink if it was frozen, smoked, […]

How Long is Chicken Good After Sell By Date? The Ultimate Guide

Chicken is good for 1 to 2 days after the sell by date as long as it is kept in the refrigerator. If you can’t use the chicken by this time, you will need to freeze it. I have a bad habit of never planning my meals. This means that I will often buy chicken […]

Drumette vs Drumstick: Wingering and Legging

The drumstick (dark meat) and drumette (white meat) are two delicious cuts of chicken when properly prepared. However, as you may have suspected, they both differ in the sense that the drumstick is taken from the lower part of the leg, while the chicken drumette is taken from the meatier part of the chicken wing. […]

The Best Wood for Smoking Chicken – Unlocking Deliciousness

When you ask five BBQ masters, you’ll probably get five different answers. My personal experience in chicken smoking and grilling has proven that pecan is the best wood for smoking chicken. Why do I think so? It’s a light hardwood that burns without overpowering the bird’s flavor. It’s got a nutty aroma behind its sweet […]

Honey Gold Sauce Recipe | Say Bye to Tasteless Chicken Wings

Honey gold sauce is a BBQ condiment made from a mixture of honey mustard, hot sauce, apple cider vinegar, butter, sometimes lime juice, and a few more ingredients. This will give you a tangy, sweet chicken dip recipe that will awaken your taste buds. So this is something to try if chicken wings are starting […]

Chinese Chicken on a Stick Recipe: A New Way of Grilling Chicken!

The first time I learned about Chinese chicken on a stick, was when I first moved to a major city. I absolutely fell in love with it. However, a broke college student, I couldn’t afford to eat out as often as I liked and had to figure out how to recreate the recipe at home. […]

Reheating Boneless Wings: The Best Way To Get Juicy Tender Wings

Whenever you have to reheat boneless wings, the rule to go by is always to keep the reheating time to a minimum. Boneless chicken wings are small and so it follows that they will lose a huge percentage of that juicy moisture and tenderness the longer they are exposed to direct heat. I have my […]

Where to Put Thermometer in Chicken: How to Do It Right

My secret to accurately testing the internal temperature of cooked chicken is inserting the meat probe deep in the breast, as Weber recommends. You may also insert it in the chicken thigh. But never make the thermometer touch the bone. The general rule is to insert it in the thickest portion of flesh in whatever […]

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