How to BBQ

Hot Dog Burnt Ends: The Perfect Smoke-Kissed Finger Food

Unlike traditional burnt ends that are made from the point end of smoked brisket, this twist on the recipe uses hot dogs instead. It starts with generously coating hot dogs in a homemade rub and smoking them on low heat. Then chop them up and add butter, sugar, BBQ sauce, and more rub. And finally […]

How to Smoke on a Charcoal Grill? Your Guide to a Makeshift Smoker

Any charcoal kettle grill can be converted into a makeshift smoker. Simply pile the hot coals to one side and throw a handful of wood chips or wood chunks on them. Next, place the food on the grill grates on the side with no coals. That’s indirect cooking, and it’s how you smoke meat (and […]

How to Put Out a Charcoal Grill? Easy, Safe, and Efficient is the Goal

Putting out charcoal is as easy as depriving the hot coals of the oxygen supply they need to keep burning. Simply put, close the vents and cover the grill with the lid to block any air from getting to the charcoal grill. Leave them closed until the grill and the coals have completely cooled. This […]

Smoked Mac and Cheese: Complete Guide (And Amazing Recipe)

Macaroni and cheese is a side dish superhero: head to any backyard gathering, and there’s a good chance someone brought some mac and cheese. I’m here to let you in on the best secret ingredient you can add to your mac and cheese recipe – smoke. My recipe is a bit of work, but the […]

Sweet, Spicy, Smoky BBQ Sauce Recipe with a Dash of Bourbon

I’ve been playing with fire and flavors for as long as I can remember. And trust me when I say I have a barbecue sauce recipe that’s about to knock your socks off – the bourbon BBQ sauce.  This is an all-rounder. I mean, it’s sweet, spicy, and smoky. I like to add molasses and […]

Wood Fire Oven Recipes (More Than Just Pizza!)

When we say a wood-fired oven, our minds almost exclusively picture pizza. So, you would be forgiven to think that pizza is the only dish you can cook in it. Your wood-fired oven is suited to an array of recipes including stews, bread, pork, grilled shrimp, roasted veggies, soups, stir-fried mutton, and so much more. […]

Wood-fired Pizza Recipe: Guide to a Perfect Pie

Wood-fired pizza might be the ultimate test of a grillmaster’s skills. First, you’ve got to make the dough, which lands you squarely in “baker” territory. Then you’ll test your talent at stretching a dough ball. After that, you’ve got to manage a blazing hot fire. But if you can master these skill sets, the results […]

Types of Hot Dogs and More (Plus My Anointed Recipe!)

Whether you prefer a traditional beef hot dog nestled in a soft bun, a spicy sausage with a kick, or a vegetarian option, there are various types of hot dogs. And I’ve had my fair share of them.  I’ve even replicated those hot dogs with steamed onions, as you find in downtown Manhattan in my […]

BBQ Coffee Rub: Wake Up Those Taste Buds

A coffee rub might sound like an unusual thing to put on meat, but trust me when I say the earthy flavor of coffee paired with the sweet brown sugar is an absolute game-changer. I love using my coffee rub whenever I feel like shaking things up. It puts a fun and interesting spin on […]

Smoked Desserts: Smoke Those Sweet Treats!

When it comes to smoking, most people immediately think of meat – but I’m here to tell you, stick your favorite dessert on your smoker, and you might trade in your tongs for a rolling pin. Smoked desserts are a delicious, decadently sweet assault on your taste buds. My friends, family, and I have an […]

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