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Can You Use Parchment Paper on the Grill? Everything You Need to Know

Yes, you can use parchment paper on the grill. But in order to avoid any potential problems, it’s important to use parchment paper properly. For instance, exposing your parchment paper to very high heat (over 420 F) is not recommended. The reason is that even though the best types of parchment papers are resistant to heat, using them after a […]

Cayenne Pepper Sauce Recipe: Hot and Spicy!

The cayenne pepper sauce recipe is made using cayenne peppers, vinegar, garlic, and other spices mixed and boiled until it thickens. Cayenne pepper, known for its bright red color and hot flavor, is one of the most common fresh peppers in America. Moreover, this spicy vegetable offers several health benefits. When blended and cooked into […]

Smoked Cocktail Recipes: Throw the Best Happy Hour Ever

If you’re a BBQ enthusiast, you know what the kiss of wood smoke does to food. I’ve got excellent news for you – smoked cocktails are amazing, too. You can use a smoking gun, your smoker, or some wood chips to get that delicious smoke flavor. I’ll walk you through the whole process for each […]

How to Inject Meat with Marinade? Everything You Need to Know!

Want to take your barbecues to the next level? Injecting your favorite meat cut might be the answer! Although it’s not always necessary, injecting meat with marinade before smoking can make the difference between meat being dry and bland or moist and luscious. In my experience, injecting your meat improves the meat’s intense flavor and […]

How to Remove the Membrane from Ribs? Quick and Easy Steps!

Ribs generally have a thick membrane, also called silverskin, attached to them. This membrane can affect the texture and flavor of the meat if not removed. Luckily, removing the membrane off your ribs isn’t too difficult. You just need a knife to cut through the membrane and a good grip to pull the skin off.  […]

The Charcoal Minion Method Explained: Everything You Need to Know

Ever struggled to keep your charcoals burning even and slow? Well, I feel your pain. I’ve been there too, dealing with wonky temps and wondering if I’ll ever become a true barbecue master. But don’t sweat it! The minion method is about placing lit charcoals inside or on top of an unlit charcoal pile.  I […]

What is Liquid Smoke Used For? (Recipes and Cooking Methods)

Liquid smoke, derived from the condensed smoke of burning wood, offers a versatile and convenient alternative to traditional smoking methods. Its ability to impart a delightful smoky essence to an array of dishes makes it truly special, as it beautifully mimics the taste of slow-cooked barbecue and grilled foods.  My love affair with this flavoring […]

St. Louis BBQ Sauce: How Do You Make It at Home?

Making St. Louis sauce is as easy as anything. Just mix brown sugar, vinegar, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, and a smidgen of liquid smoke. Simmer them on low heat in a medium saucepan until they thicken. The result is a tangy, kinda sweet, and slightly smoky sauce.  I’ve always been obsessed with […]

Bacon Wrapped Brats: Best Brats Ever (With Recipe)!

Bacon-wrapped brats are awesome for tailgating and make for a worry-free weeknight meal – wrap the bratwurst in thin-cut bacon, secure the bacon with toothpicks, then cook the brats on your grill or smoker. Grill the brats until the bacon is delightfully crispy, and the internal temp reads 160°F. You may never cook an unwrapped […]

Texas Style BBQ Sauce: As Authentic As The Lone Star State

The perfect Texas-style BBQ sauce is a savory tomato or ketchup-based sauce with a kick of pepper. It features brown sugar, paprika, chili, pepper, salt, and a bunch of other wet ingredients. As an experienced pitmaster, I have tried more than my fair share of sauces. Texas-style BBQ sauce has stood the test of time […]

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