Pig Wings Recipe | How to Wing Your Pork Shanks?

Uh-oh! Can pigs fly? Well, no! Pig wings are just a fun name given to a pork cut that comes from the shank of the ham. My recipe often involves taking a pork shank, cutting it horizontally into little portions that resemble chicken wings – yeah, the drumette part. As for the cooking part, you […]

Smoked Rib Tips: Ultimate Guide for BBQ Bliss (With Recipe)

Rib tips are a tough cut of meat that is transformed into tender succulence when they’re smoked at a low temperature. Cook them in your smoker at 250°F for 4-5 hours, slather them in your favorite sauce for the last hour, and you’ve got a BBQ delicacy on your hands. My rib tip recipe is […]

Types of Bacon: 10 Tasty Bacon Types

Bacon is a delicious pork cut that complements numerous dishes. The most common type of bacon in the USA is American bacon, but there are numerous other types of bacon in different parts of the world. Bacon is one of my family’s favorites, and I typically use it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes. I […]

Pork Butt Burnt Ends Demystified | An Ultimate Guide

Don’t let the name fool you – pork butt burnt ends aren’t burnt at all. They’re cubes of pork butt that undergo a slow smoking process until they become fork-tender. Then they’re accompanied by a luscious slathering of BBQ sauce, spritzing liquid, and other sweetening ingredients in a foil pan. The result is quite similar […]

Smoked Pork Belly Burnt Ends Like They Do ‘Em in Kansas

Pork belly burnt ends are not your run-of-the-mill pork chop. These burnt ends come straight out of Kansas City BBQ joints. To make them, throw some cubed belly pork on the grill until they soak up smoke and the internal temp registers 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, we move the smoked pork belly burnt ends into […]

How to Smoke Ribs on a Gas Grill? No Pellet Grill, No Worries!

If you’re a BBQ purist, you might swear by the natural flavors that charcoal or pellet smokers bring to your pork ribs. But there’s something darn convenient about smoking pork ribs on a gas grill. Just hook up a propane tank, add soaked wood chips, prepare and season the ribs, fire up the smoker, and […]

How Many Ribs Per Person? Get The Number Right This Time

I recommend three-quarters to 1 lb of ribs per person depending on the type of meat. That is roughly 3-4 spare pork ribs per person. If you know your guests’ eating habits, allocate 5-6 spare ribs per person for those with larger appetites. Keep in mind that this number will vary depending on the type […]

Leftover Pulled Pork Recipes: 7 Tasty Recipes

Preparing pulled pork takes a lot of time, and it’s normal to have plenty of leftovers afterward. But what if I told you that these leftovers could be used to make other amazing meals? This tender piece of meat is versatile and can be used in other delicious recipes such as pulled pork sandwiches, pork […]

The 4 Types of Pork Ribs: Know the Difference Between Each Type of Rib

There are four types of pork ribs: baby back ribs, spare ribs, St. Louis-cut, and rib tips. The four slabs of ribs vary in size, toughness, cost, and other factors, all of which I’ll cover in this article. Country style ribs are not actually ribs – they’re pork chops. Ribs are my absolute favorite meat […]

Smoked Pig Shots: A Delicious 6-Step Recipe

Smoked pig shots are a cheese-filled, meaty shot glass made of bacon, smoked sausage, and cream cheese. Imagine the rich flavor of bacon and sausages paired with the creaminess of a cheese filling in one small package. Sounds yummy, right? I’ve been making this delicious appetizer at cookouts, and they are always a showstopper. Furthermore, […]

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