Butterball vs Jennie-O Turkey | Who Sells the Best Turkey?

If you’re a turkey fan like me, you know Butterball turkey wins in most categories. It’s easier to handle and is a bit cheaper. Still, Butterball and Jennie-O are two popular brands offering high-quality turkey. They raise their birds differently, leading to unique tasting products. For years, I’ve cooked these two brands for my family […]

Can You Brine a Butterball Turkey? Mystery Solved

You can brine a turkey from Butterball, but it’s recommended that you do so with a lower concentration of brine. While there are no restrictions to doing so, you will want to watch how you apply the brine. As a professional chef, I have brined turkeys in various ways. I will explain what you need […]

How Long Can You Keep a Fresh Turkey in the Refrigerator?

Turkey is a delectable protein that lights up my dining table during the holidays. However, fresh turkey can be tricky to store. This storage issue begs the question, how long can you keep a fresh turkey in the refrigerator? Personally, I don’t keep any fresh turkey in my fridge past two days as it is […]

How Many People Does a 20 lb Turkey Feed? Let’s Talk Turkey

By allocating 1.25 pounds of turkey per person, a 20 lb turkey will feed a party of sixteen people. If you are a fan of turkey leftovers, allocate 1.5 pounds of turkey per person. Turkey cooked whole evokes memories of laughter, bad jokes, tasty meals, outdoor games, and other fun moments with family. As a […]

Turkey is Cooking Too Fast! What Do I Do?

A common complaint from BBQers is that their turkey cooks too fast. In my experience, cooking turkey requires a mix of patience and finesse. However, many things can still go wrong when you’re smoking this delicate bird. If you’ve noticed this bird is cooking too fast, I found that lowering the oven temperature helps greatly. […]

Why is My Turkey Bacon Slimy? Is It Safe to Eat?

The slimy texture on your turkey bacon most likely means that it is going bad. The slime appears when naturally occurring bacteria within the meat feast on sugar. This sugar is usually added to the turkey meat during the manufacturing process, producing lactic acid as a by-product. Turkey bacon sandwiches are a breakfast favorite at […]

How to Know When Ground Turkey is Done: The Top Techniques

Ground turkey is done when the internal temperature registers at 165 F. If you aren’t using a thermometer, then pay attention to the cooking time or make sure that the ground turkey has a brownish color. If I’m being honest, it is difficult for me to tell when ground turkey is done too. If I […]

How Often Should I Baste My Turkey | The Basting Procedure

Every 40 minutes! This is the general consensus among us cooks. With this interval, you won’t need to worry about over-basting your turkey or end up with dry meat.  Turkey is naturally not a juicy meat. It’s a dry meat because of its obviously low-fat content. This is why I welcome whatever technique out there […]

Do You Cook a Turkey at 325°F or 350°F? It’s Getting Hot in Here

Always cook your turkey at 325 F – this may lengthen the cooking time but you can guarantee perfect turkey. Shortly after graduating from culinary school, I found my friends bombarding me with the right way to cook a turkey. A common complaint was that there bird was always dry no matter what they did. […]

How to Tuck Turkey Wings in 5 Easy Steps (Tips From a Pro)

Tucking turkey wings is easy. All you need to do is to set the bird with its breast side facing up on a work surface. Then lift the turkey a little with one hand. With the other hand, tuck the wing underneath the shoulder of the bird into the akimbo position. Now, repeat the process […]

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