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The Most Detailed Thermoworks Thermapen One Review

The Thermapen One thermometer is definitely one of the top instant read thermometers on the market. It is incredibly accurate, has a wide range, and is quite durable too. There are a few downsides such as price and certain design features but these don’t affect the overall quality of the thermometer. As a professional chef, […]

The 8 Best Fire Pit Chairs to Set Up Your Backyard Retreat

The best single fire pit chair is the YEFU – it is incredibly durable with a weather resistant design. The chair is very comfortable and has a great aesthetic too. The best fire pit set is the FUNBERRY set, it is made from high quality materials, has a pleasing design, is comfortable, and can be […]

Yoder YS640s Review: A Look at a Grilling Giant

The YS640s is a competition grill that has been downsized for backyard use. As a result, it offers up excellent temperature range and control, a superb grilling and smoking experience, and unbeatable durability. I have been grilling and smoking practically my whole life but always on mass produced grills. So, when my pitmaster buddy gave […]

The 11 Best Portable Charcoal Grill Models to Take On Your Next Trip!

The top lightweight charcoal grill is the Cuisinart CCG190RB. This grill is portable and lightweight but also has a good cooking space, grills well, and is easy to assemble. As I have started camping more, I have been increasing my collection of portable grills. Since nothing quite beats the taste of charcoal BBQ, I decided […]

The 9 Best Meat Grinder Models for DIY Minced Meat

The best grinder is the . What makes this grinder so great is that it is powerful, has multiple speeds, has great accessories, and can grind large quantities at once.  I am very skeptical of grocery minced meat as I can never be sure of how good it is. Due to this, I prefer to […]

The 7 Best Grill Gazebo Models to Shelter Your Grill

The top pick here is the . It is made from high quality materials, making it sturdy as well as durable. This gazebo offers up excellent ventilation, has a ton of useful features, and is easy to set up too! I am someone who is known for hosting cookouts. So, when I finally bought a […]

The Ultimate MEATER Plus Review

The MEATER Plus has a lot of great features from excellent accuracy and connectivity to high quality and simple design. There are a few issues like range and dimensions but these don’t override the capabilities of this thermometer. Although I have always used wired thermometers, I have been looking to make the switch to wireless […]

Discover the 16 Best Smoker Thermometer Models for Efficient Cooks

The best model goes to the FireBoard 2 thermometer. It is incredibly accurate, has a good number of probes, has an easy to read display, and is very durable.  One of my friends was recently complaining that the dial on their smoker was reporting the wrong temperature. I advised them to get a smoker thermometer […]

Best Offset Smoker: A Review Of The Top Giants

The Yoder Loaded Wichita is arguably the best offset smoker on the market. This American-made monster smoker knocks all other smokers out of the park and is my top recommendation. I have been smoking meat for at least a decade and in all my years, I have yet to encounter an offset smoker as well […]

How to Build a Smoker? Converting an Old Drum to a Kickbutt Smoker

Building a smoker is not rocket science! Get your hands on a metal barrel that’s free from hazardous substances. Whip out a drill, punch out vent holes, then toss in a charcoal basket down below, ensuring it fits in snugly. Next, plop a cooking grate right on top of the basket and drill a thermometer […]

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