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The 9 Best Brisket Slicing Knife Models for Your Next BBQ

The best knife for cutting through brisket is the . It has a sharp blade made from high quality materials, it is easy to use, and it has a comfortable grip. As a budding pitmaster, I put a lot of effort into smoking my brisket. So, it only makes sense to ensure that I pay […]

The 8 Best Kamado Grill Models to Elevate Your Grilling Experience

The top kamado style grill is the Large Big Green Egg. It has great heat retention which boosts its grilling and smoking performance. The grill is also easy to use. I was only introduced to kamado grills a few years ago but I fell in love with it. So, when my charcoal grill finally gave […]

The 5 Best Traeger Grill Models from the Brand

There isn’t just one best grill from Traeger, there is one for each category. The Ranger is the top portable grill, the Pro 22 is the best budget option, the Pro 575 is the best mid-range grill, the Ironwood 885 is best for smoke flavor, and the Timberline XL is the most premium grill. I […]

Yoder vs Traeger: A Tale of Two Giants

Comparing Traeger to Yoder is no easy task as these are both top notch brands. I will cover several points of comparison in this post including models, cooking surface area, and grilling temps. However, the main difference is that Traeger is meant for home use for the average person and Yoder is a competition level […]

Best Knife for Cutting Bone: Battle of the 6 Blades

The best knife for cutting through bone is the . The blade cuts through bone without any hesitation, the ergonomic handle makes it an easy knife to use, it is made from high quality materials and it is simple to clean. As a chef, having a good knife to cut through meat and bone is […]

The 7 Best Sausage Stuffer Models for Making Homemade Sausage

The best manual stuffer is the – it is durable, simple to assemble and use, and it has many nozzles for you to choose from. The best electric stuffer is the – it has a large capacity, good build quality, is easy to use, and has plenty of stuffing tubes. Ever since culinary school, I […]

How to Use an Offset Smoker? A Comprehensive How-to For Starters 

Using an offset smoker ain’t no rocket science. First, load the firebox and a chimney starter with your choice of charcoal and wood chips/chunks. Fire up the chimney starter and pour the burning embers in the smoke box where you have the rest of the coals. Then adjust the temp by playing with the air […]

How to Use a Pellet Grill? 5 Simple Steps

Using a pellet grill is quite straightforward. Just turn it on, dial in your temperature, and you’re all set – it’s that easy. But, like anything else, if you want it to last, you have to take care of it. A little seasoning here, a good scrub there, and your grill will keep on ticking, […]

Best Wood for Pizza Oven: 10 Smoky Wood Options

The best type of wood to use in a pizza oven is hardwoods like oak, or maple because they produce high heat and hold up well in the oven. The firewood you use in your wood-fired pizza oven can impact the flavor of your pizza. For this reason, it’s important to use the right type […]

The 10 Best Flat Top Grill Models to Take Breakfast to the Next Level

The top pick is the . It has a large cooking surface, a great ignition system, excellent temperature control, and it sets up really easily too. After many years of service, my flat top grill finally gave out on me. This set me on a mission to find a new one and boy have things […]

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